How to have beautiful skin when you have your period?

Beautiful skin when you have your period
And bam, another huge acne pimple popping up as your period approaches! And of course, it landed there in the center of your cheekbone like a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. Hormonal acne is a phenomenon that we all face one day. And for those prone to severe acne, they can see a real worsening of their condition as their period approaches. Many of you are asking us for advice in these moments of despair. What's happening ? Why can we have hormonal acne? Are hormonal fluctuations the only causes for the appearance of pimples on the face, décolleté, neck and back? We want to reassure you that this is not inevitable. Even in the most difficult cases, we see magnificent results with thorough work on lifestyle and your skincare routines. At Saeve, our Pur Paradisi range is made to help you in this context. We multiply the testimonies on this subject. Sometimes with supporting photos, many women tell us of beautiful experiences of a return to calm. We explain how to take care of your skin as your period approaches to fight against hormonal acne.

1 – Why do I have acne during my period?

We already covered the subject in our post entitled “ How to get rid of acne quickly and naturally ”, acne can be motivated by the influence of our hormones.

The periods of life when we are most subject to it are puberty, pregnancy and menopause. In adolescence, sexuality is determined by the presence of female and male hormones. Women actually have a low percentage of androgen hormones dedicated to bones and muscles.

Testosterone can cause pimples by causing more sebum production. This is again the case at menopause when the production of female hormones declines in favor of male hormones.

Progesterone also induces seizures. It intervenes in the second part of the cycle in women . It has the magnificent function of allowing the uterus to receive the embryo and promote pregnancy. It is the fertility hormone.

This explains why women on estrogen-like contraceptives notice an improvement in their acne. Contraception can also be used for this specific purpose. When you stop taking the pill, acne can reappear.

If you look closely, flare-ups are therefore most often in the second part of the cycle, 10 to 4 days before the period. From the first day of menstruation, things calm down.

2 – Is acne during menstruation only hormonal?

Let's be honest, as the period approaches, we are often more irritable, soup-au-lait, or even sad. So yes, this state of being is probably hormonal. On the other hand, the associated behaviors are our responsibility.

Hormonal acne

Stressed, we may tend to eat more sugars or fats to comfort ourselves. We make an emotional buffer with food. Acne before menstruation is therefore multifactorial.

As you approach your period, it is necessary to ensure that you keep a fresh, varied and quality diet . We can never say it enough but your plate is essential to keep your skin healthy.

• Spotlight on your omega 3 intake

Recent studies 1 report a convincing link between the consumption of omega 3 and the reduction of inflammation, in particular on acne. On the eve of menstruation, be generous in your consumption of fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, liver of moreau or anchovies .

If you don't like fish, consume good organic first cold-pressed vegetable oils rich in omega 3 . So as not to be mistaken, there are ready-to-use oil blends in organic and specialized stores.

• Work on your relationship with sugar 2

Be smart and replace chocolate and cakes with healthier snacks.
We suggest that you always have raspberries and blueberries in your freezer to prepare gourmet smoothies with coconut water or oat milk. Long live the mixtures of dried fruits and oilseeds in large glass jars. We love the blend of dried apricots and cranberries with hazelnuts and coconut strips.
The ideal is obviously to stop your consumption of sugars during periods of flare-ups. So if you feel like a sugar addict, don't be afraid to get help to stop the phenomenon.

    3 – And for my hormones, what do I do?

    Herbal medicine can be used to regulate reproductive hormones. This helps balance them. However, as each case is very different, you are advised to consult health and well-being specialists to do so.

    On the other hand, there is another hormone regulator in the body called the liver. Its role is to inactivate certain hormonal functions, including sexual ones. It is therefore very important to pamper it. Good food and hydration are essential to support it. On the other hand, it can be interesting to make detoxifying cures.

    We offer you a cure of fresh organic birch sap. Kill two birds with one stone, you will nourish and detoxify at the same time. Birch Sap contains specific nutrients to help skin weakened by acne and calm inflammation. Find all the information in this post .

    4 –Find your smile again with Pur Paradisi

    In paradise for pimple-free skin, there is the intervention of our specific purifying anti-blemish range PUR PARADISI .

    Anti-blemish care

    It contains magic ingredients capable of calming all acne attacks. Inflammation and discomfort subside, the skin regains a soft color. It is rid in depth of excess sebum. Life finally resumes its course quietly.

    In addition to the presence of our IMMUNOX® patent, all products contain extracts of Pink Grapefruit titrated in AHA. Its Soft Peel action cleanses the skin without drying it out.

    We recommend the Anti-Imperfections Ritual . It contains Purifying Botanical Serum Anti-imperfections and Purifying Botanical Fluid , Purifying Cleansing Gel and Purifying Micellar Water (100ml) To be used during the second part of your cycle.

    The good news is that there are also 3 bottles of Birch Sap . Just to do a little cure as soon as you can.

    Isn't life beautiful?

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