Once upon a time... Saeve!

How to reconcile the irreconcilable, namely natural but high-performance skincare products, "simple" active ingredients covered by ultra-sophisticated exclusive patents, very natural formulas that are still sensory?
Pauline Bony, the creator of Saeve, tells us.

The great discovery!

Always passionate about beauty, I spent fifteen years developing products for the biggest names in French cosmetics before creating Saeve, my ideal brand. The fruit of my singular and offbeat vision of beauty. Suffice to say that during all these years, I learned almost everything about the secrets of ingredients and textures - I tested nearly 2,000 formulas - and I had the chance to collaborate with researchers, professors, biologists who taught me, with supporting evidence, certain key concepts: the need to protect your skin every day with antioxidants, to reactivate your skin's immune defenses rather than over-solicit it constantly, to use ingredients of of natural origin, which remain what is best for her... In short, I concluded that there was still a lot to do. And that the range of possibilities was endless.

The secrets of Auvergne

What we are looking for can sometimes be found nearby... It was while returning to the land of my childhood, in the heart of Auvergne, that I (re)discovered, with the help of a genius botanist, a treasure of nature: fresh organic Birch Sap, this elixir that the women of my family (and the others!) have always taken cures for, but which had until now been used very little in cosmetics. And yet... After noticing its benefits on the skin in the laboratory, I had no choice but to make fresh organic Birch Sap the star active ingredient in a high-performance skincare line.

Natural & supernatural powers

This is how I created Saeve: the first brand of natural, expert and ultra-efficient skincare, transmitting to the skin the exceptional powers of fresh organic Birch Sap as well as the miraculous organic Chaga, "mushroom of immortality" and other surprising active ingredients, from plants that surround us.
These ingredients are all natural, 100% stunning, used in such high concentration that the results on the skin are obvious, visible, lasting. A brand with authentic promises but with a light and offbeat tone, serious without taking itself seriously.

The Immunox ® patent

Light (natural) on a patent at the forefront of scientific research.




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