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Pregnant woman

Dehydration, pregnancy mask, linea nigra, stretch marks... We receive a lot of questions about your maternity-related issues.

First, if you are reading this article and you are pregnant, we send you our congratulations on this future unborn baby. We hope your pregnancy is going well.

We know that during this period the changes in the body are such that many women feel lost. Until now, you took care of yourself and your skin without paying too much attention to product compositions. You could even completely neglect skin care.

However, during pregnancy, face and body need support. Hormonal changes lead to many changes, especially in the skin. We are going to give you some explanations on the main problems related to pregnant women and above all solutions.

Follow the guide for a pleasant pregnancy with real baby skin.


1 – Dry skin in pregnant women

We don't often talk about it, but it is a frequent discomfort in pregnant women. Dry skin manifests itself quickly and for several reasons.

First there is hormonal imbalance, which often leads to increased sweating and increased transepidermal water loss during pregnancy. We are talking about dehydration .

In addition, the tissues are subjected to pressure and their elasticity is put to the test. This is all the more the case because the future mother needs a lot of fatty acids to allow the development of the fetus. Let's not forget that cell membranes must remain flexible to allow good exchanges and good replication. Baby's nerve and brain tissue needs a lot of fat. All the stocks of good fatty acids of the mother are therefore devolved to the future child. This can lead to a lack of body fat in the mother. The skin can therefore become undernourished.

Remember to drink more often, in small quantities and increase the good sources of fatty acids: oily fish, avocados, raw butter, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, organic vegetable oils from first cold pressing . You can supplement with omega 3 up to the 8th month of pregnancy.

For the skin, we offer you a good bath of intense hydration. It really is one of the times in life when you have to be diligent.

In the morning, bet on the Hydra Malva range with titrated Mallow extracts with softening and hyper-hydrating properties. All products in this range are completely SAFE for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Pregnant woman, dry skin

How do we see the thing for this moisturizing routine? It is very simple.

  • The Soothing 24-Hour Hydrating Botanical Serum is a real bomb of hydration and delicacy. The smell is as soft as that of a baby's skin. But above all, the skin relaxes immediately after application. It instantly regains its velvety texture.
  • To seal in your serum, pamper your skin with Soothing Thirst Quenching Cream . Perfect in case of acne during pregnancy with its light but very melting texture.
  • Moisturize the small, fragile skin around your eyes to avoid signs of fatigue with the Smoothing Eye Cream in anti-puffiness, high-efficiency concealer mode.

2 – Fight against the pregnancy mask

In this context of strong hormonal impregnation, the melanocytes can begin to overproduce pigments and cause a mask of pregnancy. Also called "melasma" or "chloasma", this phenomenon looks like a cloud of spots that settles on the face. It is located mainly on the forehead and glabella, around the eyes and lips. It also causes hyper vascularization in the affected areas.

This melanosis can induce browning of other areas on the pregnant woman's body. It causes in particular the darkening of the mammary areolas and of the brown line on the belly, the linea nigra. The higher the woman's phototype, the higher the risk of visibility.

It is therefore imperative to protect yourself from the sun and light. Avoid all contact with UV radiation and protect your skin with 50+ sunscreen as soon as you go out.

On our side, in order to limit the breakage, we thought about a routine:

  • Perfect Pisum Anti-Dark Spot Radiance Booster Botanical Serum is made for you. Designed with titrated pea extracts and antioxidants , it knows how to neutralize free radicals and the effects of UV rays on the skin. Encapsulated Oxyresveratrol is a powerful anti-dark spot and Pea has the ability to activate the radiance of the complexion.
  • In addition to the maintenance of your eye contour with the Smoothing Eye Cream like in the morning. In the evening, hydrate yourself with our Regenerating Detox Night Cream . This cream contains Dandelion extracts rich in fructans. Their anti-inflammatory and highly antioxidant action acts directly against oxidative stress and the risks of cellular pigmentation of the skin.

3 – Pregnant women, pamper the skin of your body

Hormonal fluctuations cause a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin. The skin then becomes thinner. Subjected to tugging due to weight gain, it can then tear. The appearance of stretch marks often begins from the 3rd month.

This problem can last until the end of pregnancy and continue in case of breastfeeding.

Stretch marks are most often found on the breasts, stomach, hips and upper thighs. They are very noticeable when they appear insofar as they are very purplish. Over time, their appearance whitens, but they will remain for life.

Thus, it is essential to anticipate their training. We recall once again the need to consume good fatty acids during pregnancy . However, you can limit breakage by deeply moisturizing the skin of the body. Be applied every day. In addition, it will benefit the discomfort associated with venous-lymphatic slowdowns in the legs.

Pregnant woman, stretch marks

We recommend our Relax Rheum range, with the soft and delicately soothing scents of Rhubarb . Our Relaxing 24-Hour Moisturizing Milk and our Relaxing Nourishing Cream are there to provide you with good moments of relaxation. They are filled with vegetable butter and Olive oil to deeply nourish the skin.

The more you advance in the pregnancy, the more your gestures of massage must be soft. From the 3rd trimester, perform light strokes on the stomach so as not to trigger a contractile phenomenon.

We draw your attention to another concern: Cholestasis of pregnancy . This is a hepatic problem specific to pregnancy, one of the signs of which is very itchy skin. It is a disease not to be taken lightly. If you scratch a lot and you can't calm the sensation with normal creaming, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

4 – Saeve contraindications during pregnancy

Our products are all designed without silicone, paraben, sodium laureth sulfate, phenoxyethanol, petroleum derivative . They are therefore suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

However, many of our treatments contain essential oils. Remember that some of them carry abortive risks. Here is the list of Saeve products not recommended during pregnancy:

In the Perfect Pisum range

In the Detox Officinale range

In the Lift Pinaster range

Finally, we wish you a wonderful pregnancy filled with moments of intense cocooning, big dreams and hopes for your child and beautiful skin.

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