When my skin tells me about my inner state

You may not know it, but the founder of SAEVE is called Pauline Bony. Even if Pauline is an adopted Parisian, the fact remains that she grew up between the Auvergne and Rhône-Alpes regions.
She therefore received an education close to Nature, supported by beautiful centuries-old traditions around health and natural self-care. Birch sap would not be the key ingredient in her products today if she had not seen the women in her family drinking this precious beverage. Pauline saw for herself how many virtues the sap had. Scientific studies subsequently confirmed his observations.

In the countryside, she also learned the benefits of the great outdoors, healthy and varied food, rest, sleep... So many elements that prioritize the well-being of the body.

Today, his wish is to share his achievements by offering his natural products composed of real concentrates of life. But she is also keen to pass on good lifestyle habits.
Skin well-being is a whole and a treatment alone cannot work a miracle if it is not accompanied by multiple intentions to get the best. How to correlate all this? The skin is a part of the reflection of your inner state. She talks to you about yourself and what you can do to benefit yourself. With natural gestures and a good dose of respect and consideration for oneself.
We explain to you how the skin speaks to you today.

The skin, this organ that communicates

The skin is a fascinating and wonderful organ, both in its physiology and its function. It protects us from external aggressions and immunizes us. It supports metabolism through thermoregulation and thermogenesis. She breathes with us. It keeps us warm in winter. It allows us to perceive emotions thanks to its nervous system and its sensory aspect. It puts us in touch with the love of others through touch.

Obviously, we give it another name for the internal route. We are going to talk about epithelium, always made up of three tissues with specific characteristics.
So we can consider a certain logic of continuity between the outer skin and the inner epithelium. Or at least, the skin tells us. Without becoming obsessive, it is interesting to observe his messages.

Far be it from us to make hasty and definitive diagnoses, but we will give you some ideas to understand what your skin is telling you.

  1. Is my skin dehydrated or dry?

If your skin is tight and dehydrated, if your eyes seem tired due to small dark circles, if just a moisturizing mask makes you look 10 years younger in 30 seconds through plumpness effect, then it is high time to look at your own hydration.

  • Hydration

Certainly, our specific moisturizing range HYDRA MALVA with Mallow extracts will help you, but it cannot replace one of the basic rules of healthy living: Drinking water is essential for your body . Water will promote the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, the transport of nutrients, the avoidance of muscle pain, the elimination of cellular waste and obviously it has a huge impact on the skin.
Pay attention to your fluid intake. Many of us are crazy about teas, herbal teas and fun drinks like lattes. This type of beverage activates diuresis. This therefore contributes to dehydration of the body. So prioritize water. Be vigilant about this gesture.

  • The food

On the food side, you may not be eating enough good fats. Foods rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and 7 help moisturize and nourish the skin. All the envelopes of our cells are made up of lipids. Haro on low-fat diets. This is heresy. Let us point out in passing that good fats are involved in the synthesis of female hormones. These are the steroidal fats found in raw, fresh butter or avocados.
Make a list of all the ingredients that contain good fats and fill your diet with these wonders every day. Fish, oilseeds and nuts, good organic virgin oils, uncooked egg yolk, avocado, coconut, etc…

  1. I have acne-prone skin, what should I change?

We want to show moderation for you. If you have a few small pimples from time to time, don't panic. We are talking here about chronic acne-prone skin. We have a complete treatment at Saeve composed of our cutting-edge range PURE PARADISE in local care and our Gummies as a food supplement.
In doing so, there are several factors that can lead to acne.
  • The stress

The first is stress. Yes, you read correctly. Stress is one of the most powerful triggers of imbalance in our lives today.
So monitor your relationship with him and do as much as possible to reduce its impact. We would like to remind you that there are external stressors such as work, schedules and constraints, but there is also stress that we create ourselves through excess of perfection and personal intransigence.

  • The plate

Excess refined sugars and dairy products can possibly cause skin imperfections. Review your diet and ask yourself if you can intervene and minimize certain things or bad habits.
Replace chocolate treats, candies and pastries with homemade snacks. Consume without added sugars as much as possible and prefer natural fruit sugars.

  • The detox

It might also be interesting to do a general detox. In this case, consider our fresh Birch Sap treatment. Promoting elimination has an impact on the skin.

3. Do I have a grayish complexion? How do I explain it?

So here, we would never stop recommending the PERFECT PISUM range for its incredible “glowy skin” action.
On the other hand, what could happen to you?

  • Food

On your plate, it's time to take stock of your consumption of natural antioxidants. Raw or cooked fruits and vegetables, are they part of your plate?
Indeed, if in PERFERT PISUM we find oxyresveratrol, the fact remains that the main sources of antioxidants come from your diet. It’s simple, all plants have them, and even more so colored ones. Some meat products also have them, such as shrimp or wild salmon. Beetroot is a queen in this matter, blueberries, broccoli or cabbage….
Also consider superfoods with very high ORAC levels. Try Acai powder, Goji berries or Spirulina.

  • Natural oxygenation

On a personal level, do you get enough light? Are you getting enough oxygen every day? It is imperative to allow yourself several times a week to go out into the open air or do gentle sports such as walking or cycling to get the cardiovascular system and breathing working. Natural blush effect guaranteed on the face.

  • The sleep

Are your nights too short? Lack of sleep is cruel to the skin. It directly marks the face with fatigue and tends to reveal dark circles. We cannot recommend a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night.
So obviously, that means getting into good habits: a cool room, no screens in the evening, no stressful information, calm….
If you suffer from insomnia, we invite you to consult to remedy this problem. He can find a positive outcome. That is to say the return of real restful sleep.

And as the saying goes: listen to SAEVE's advice and take the ones that suit you. But really take them.

Team Saeve

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