Louane's favorite anti-blemish serum

From the first applications of the Purifying Anti-Blemish Serum from the Pur Paradisi range, the magic happens... This serum has already "saved" thousands of skin types, and has become essential for beauty routines, including that of Louane, the 25-year-old singer known thanks to the famous show "The Voice". We detail the secrets of the formulation of this botanical treatment:

Stress, pollution, hormonal fluctuations... There is more than one factor that generates skin imperfections. This serum, combined with the Immunox antioxidant complex, has a 100% natural active ingredient: Pink Grapefruit titrated in AHA, one of nature's best anti-blemish active ingredients. Its effect is reinforced by the AHA it contains to tighten pores, promote the elimination of dead cells and stimulate the formation of new cells for a clearer complexion!

Application tips : Depending on skin type, apply up to 5 drops all over the face, slip under your day or night cream.

97% ingredients of natural origin.

Available in pharmacies and on www.saeve.com .
30ml – 31,90€


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