But why do I have acne at the start of the school year?

AIE Aie Aie…. Since you came back from your summer vacation, your face has started to bud…. Every morning, a small pimple…. Gone is the holiday pretty face that brings out your eyes and playful smile. A usual phenomenon, the start of the school year often marks the appearance of imperfections . For acne-prone skin, sometimes it's back to reality. And you even have the impression that the damage is even greater. But what happened? Already we do not really have the morale to leave the summer and the extended evenings, can we stop the progression of these pimples? The answer is yes, but on the condition that you consider this problem as a whole. To act against pimples, local treatments are good reflexes, but they are not everything. Fully maximize your lifestyle and review your habits as soon as you return. You have to act on food , sleep , stress and the balance of your microbiota.

We explain how to get there in this new post.

The main explanation for back-to-school imperfections

In summer, there are two phenomena that can explain the appearance or return of imperfections on your face at the start of the school year.

  • Perspiration

Full summer, we sweat and it's completely normal. The body regulates its thermal balance through respiration and perspiration. It is also imperative not to hinder these processes with antiperspirants. Perspiration prevents catching heatstroke and thermal discomfort. However, activation of sweat glands sometimes results in clogged pores. As long as these are clogged with sunscreen or a protective mask and imperfections happen….

  • Sun exposure

To protect themselves from UV radiation, skin cells will produce keratin and its outer layer, the horny layer, will thicken. At the time, the appearance of the skin improves because the pimples to germinate remain in depth. The obstructions due to perspiration mentioned above are also “blocked” under the skin. Then, with the return to normal, the tan leaves, the dead cells will be eliminated and the imperfections appear.

It is often said that blemish-prone skin should not be exposed to the sun. We are not so categorical. It is imperative to understand that it is necessary to look into the main causes of imperfections and to treat them, in particular by IN and OUT care and an optimization of the hygiene of life.

Fatigue and bohemian life

Other factors contribute to the appearance of pimples at the start of the school year. Summer is a time for a change in diet. We sometimes eat sweeter, we picnic with more starchy foods. Cheers for pastries, fries, pizzas, cereal bars, aperitif spreads, ice creams, caramelized peanuts, etc. We also party a little more and evenings with friends are perhaps a little boozier. There are also changing hours. We get up later but sometimes because we sleep less and go to bed at dawn. There are starry nights, restaurants with friends, concerts and festivals. The heat also prevents sleep. We reassure you. You have the right to give yourself all these summer pleasures without feeling guilty. They are also the charm of summer and participate in the Dolce Vita of the holidays.

On the other hand, they can obviously explain a certain fatigue and cause small imperfections on the face.

Back-to-school stress

And then there is the recovery. The pace is slower in summer. Even more in August. At work, city streets empty out and people get to the office faster. The phone rings less and the mailbox is clean. Colleagues are cool and relaxed. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, we can all feel overwhelmed during the recovery.

The return from vacation is often accompanied by multiple anxieties. The pace resumes and a form of underlying challenge as well. The rhythm returns suddenly, without rehabilitation. There are also questions. It is often at the beginning of the school year, after the long holiday break that we have become aware that what we were doing no longer suits us.

And right now, we have to go back.

The relationship with the skin? Stress, excess cortisol, lack of rest, etc…. The skin reddens and becomes more inflamed.

Little focus on lifestyle

  • Feed

You will return to normal and this will already have an impact. Give pride of place to fall vegetables and fruits. Make a cure of good vegetable oils rich in omega 3 and limit refined sugars .

We told you a little above, but the idea is to adopt a global approach to this problem. Be as kind as possible to yourself by quickly adopting good calming habits.

  • Hydration

In the same way, we return to a normal consumption of 1.25 liters of water per day . You can take a small cure of good green tea at the rate of 50cl per day for 3 weeks. Prefer Lapacho or Rooibos in case of iron anemia.

  • Sleep

We resume a gentle rhythm with nights of sleep of at least 7:00 minimum. And take the time to take a nap on weekends for 20 min.

  • Calme

It's time to reinstate walks in large parks or in the forest. You need to connect deeply with calm, nature and serenity.

Our SAEVE solutions

First, we take care of ourselves from the inside.

Start a treatment with our PUR PARADISI Gummies . Our gums have been developed for a synergistic action of several specific active ingredients.

There are plants to allow the skin to eliminate in depth, such as the titrated extracts of Burdock and Organic Nettle . There is Zinc citrate for its regenerating and healing effect. We added our favorite ingredients: Organic Birch Leaf Extract and concentrated organic Chaga extracts . We love them so much. They have been master allies for 4 years now to help the skin detoxify, regenerate, illuminate, harmonize and soothe.

The most of our Gummies ? Microorganisms from 4 specific skin strains: L-Casei, L-Acidophilus, L-Rhamnosus and Streptococcus Thermophilus to work to maintain the balance of the intestinal microbiota. By direct effect, the skin receives immediate benefits. We recommend a cure of 3 months to do things right.

At the same time, we take care of our skin externally:

Externally, we invite you to rid the skin of residues of dead skin and sunscreen by using a gentle cleanser. Consider our PUR PARADISI Purifying Cleansing Gel . The presence of Zinc salts , Burnet and above all titrated extracts of Pink Grapefruit regulate excess sebum and cleans deeply without attacking the skin.

The key to success is in our PUR PARADISI Anti-Blemish Purifying Botanical Serum . The advantage of a serum is the concentration of active ingredients available in a very small featherweight, 3 to 4 drops are enough for visible results.

The first thing you will notice with our serum is an overall soothing of redness and less inflammation. Pimples are less painful. The skin will also be much less shiny. The serum contains elements capable of regulating seborrhoea such as Mandarin Nobiletine . Marine Ferments help retexturize the skin and make its texture finer and more harmonious. Finally, we treat in depth with the titrated Grapefruit.

This serum can be accompanied by the Purifying Botanical Fluid from the same range for light hydration or by our Hydra Malva Soothing Quenching Cream . If your skin needs comfort because it's dehydrated, this solution should help.


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