Real good advice for preparing your Summer Body

How to prepare your summer body for the summer

And let's go to prepare your Summer Body. But with us, we're not going to talk to you about diets or the 30-day abs challenge. No, we're going to invite you to do yourself some good.

But what is this Summer Body then?

The hot seasons are sometimes a difficult time for some women. The heat and the sun invite you to undress and it is not easy for everyone. Leaving coats, putting on dresses, showing your arms or your back, so much modesty that lack of self-esteem can develop even more.

From now on, we suggest that you take the time to take care of yourself. Take a benevolent look at yourself first. Tell yourself that you are all beautiful just the way you are. Often, you don't know how beautiful you are and how much little things can magnify you. The Summer Body is a vibe of self-confidence, which encourages you to be fit, toned and sexy. It is this moment when the woman can be sure of herself and of her elegance in any circumstances, including shorts and sandals.

What we suggest to you is therefore to sublimate what you already have, in particular by acts of valorization towards yourself.

Do a cure with organic birch sap , develop joie de vivre and good humor with blood orange extracts and glorify your body with relaxing massages with rhubarb extracts . Not a bad program, right? We explain the whole process to you.

Rid your body of toxins

If you are not offered to lose weight, you are instead offered to eliminate. But what does elimination mean? It's a very different process than going on a diet.

Activating elimination means helping the body get rid of toxins that it may have accumulated through overload, overwork or fatigue. And we have the most effective solution to do so, adapted to all morphologies and all temperaments: the organic Birch Sap cure .

Eliminate toxins for your summer body

Organic Birch sap has the amazing double action of activating detoxification and bringing back many nutrients necessary for your well-being. Its purifying action acts on the kidneys and by extension on the liver . On the skin, this allows to drain the obstructions and to intervene on all the cutaneous imperfections. Especially since with exposure to the sun, acne-prone skin may end up with marks and pigment spots. Prevention is better than cure to maintain a luminous complexion.

Extremely rich in micronutrients, Birch Sap is a saving manna thanks to the magnesium, zinc, amino acids and growth factors that compose it. Often, in summer, we prefer to avoid makeup. Wearing foundation is unpleasant when it's hot. However, some of us are so complexed by our skin, that they can't imagine being able to go out without makeup, even in the middle of a heat wave. Doing a birch sap cure is giving yourself the chance to free yourself from this camouflage by working on your skin right now.

Preparing your Summer Body is feeling beautiful in your body , light and full of vitality. By choosing to do an internal cure that is both detoxifying and revitalizing, it is already a step towards self-esteem.

Tone the skin of your body

And what could be more natural than to perfect your cure internally by taking care of your body externally. Every day, we offer you to provide manual care to your body. These will increase your self-confidence.

We present to you our Tonus Citrus line. It includes a Energizing Shower Gel and two body products: the Energizing 24-Hour Moisturizing Milk and the Energizing Nourishing Cream for drier-prone skin. If you have any doubts about the quality of your skin, do not hesitate to read this article to distinguish between dry skin and dehydrated skin.

Tonus Citrus range for its summer body

Tonus Citrus is a range that contains extracts of Blood Orange , whose pep will invade you right down to the smell, itself enhanced by notes of fresh Mint leaves and Mandarin . Enough to wake up both your mood in the morning, but also your goddess body. What could be more beautiful and reassuring than skin that feels firm and plump? Hydration plays an important role in the beauty of the skin.

Do not hesitate to practice a dry brushing of 5 min before your morning shower . Dry brushing is a simple act, but with exceptional virtues for toning the skin, boosting circulatory and lymphatic drainage, eliminating cellulite, soothing the feeling of heavy legs and renewing your skin cells .

Cocoon to feel beautiful

Saeve has created a second range of body products dedicated to Relax Rheum relaxation. It's time for a deep massage to relieve your body of the stress of the day and get in touch with your sex appeal.

This range contains moisturizing Rhubarb extracts and nourishing agents such as Vegetable Butter and Olive Oil . Relaxing 24-Hour Moisturizing Milk and Relaxing Nourishing Cream will be your friends to moisturize and nourish your skin after a hot shower, swimming pool, sea or sunbathing. Do not forget that to have a nice tan, it must be progressive and above all repaired daily. So if you start to sunbathe, you must go through the "creaming" box.

Moreover, when you want to gain self-confidence and tame your body, there is no better gesture than massage. Our two products penetrate perfectly into the skin, while leaving it flexible enough to be done. For a massage to be effective, you don't need to be a pro. You just need to have the intention to do yourself good and to use deep and above all slow gestures .

Nota bene: Whether it is for a dry brushing or a massage of the legs, always start by waking up the lymphatic crossroads of the lower limbs. They are located under the malleolus, but also behind the bend of the knees. Then, activate the gestures by starting the feet, legs, thighs and finish by stimulating the inner folds of the groin. Also be sure to have a light effleurage gesture. If we persist too hard, we create subcutaneous lesions, which can lead to micro-accidents in our capillaries and produce an effect opposite to that sought.

Summer Body rhymes with luminous skin, a lot of well-being and a nice dose of personal enhancement.

A saeve spirit in a healthy body.

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