Phytotherapy is glamorous

Phytotherapy, herbal medicine

Phytotherapy is a discipline that sometimes suffers a bad image. She may seem old-fashioned and insecure.

Since the dawn of time, however, it has been the source of many benefits for humans. It was stripped of its rights when the practicality of synthetic molecules used in pharmacology was discovered.

However, the magic of science has given it back its nobility. And herbal medicine has regained ground thanks to all the passionate and committed work of many researchers. Medicinal plants have been studied. And research has finally put words and explanations on the precise natural assets able to help us.

This is exactly how we designed Saeve. Pauline is a fervent defender of the beauties of Nature. At the same time, by his Auvergne origins but also by his expertise and his experiences acquired in his career in cosmetics.

Nature is not only beautiful to look at, it is now scientifically proven and reliable.

Saeve is a sharp herbal medicine. From rural areas to our cutting-edge skincare products, we explain our relationship to plants and what particularly characterizes us in our approach to natural cosmetics.


What is herbal medicine?

From the outset, you will answer us that it is cured by plants. And you are right.

Phytotherapy is the art of healing through the intervention of medicinal plants . A medicinal plant that provides a therapeutic solution. How ?

Plants are made up of dozens of molecules. They become assets if we decide to use them for specific purposes to support the proper functioning of the human body.

Phytotherapy has existed since the dawn of time. Some herbalists even speak of paleo-phytotherapy or ethnobotany when they refer to centuries-old, even thousand-year-old uses. The plant kingdom served as medical resources to fight against the first diseases.

However, we can now say that herbal medicine is the science of plants in the sense that the processes for extracting its active ingredients are now very advanced. Our titrated extracts are highly concentrated, pure and stable.

Plant molecules are selected and isolated precisely according to the results expected from them. The scientific approach has in fact a sharper art, but also a safer one to obtain better results and proven effectiveness.

Officinale Detox Range

In our Detox Officinale range, we use, for example , a specific patented extract of Dandelion fructans , a medicinal plant that has been used for centuries. One of its properties is to deactivate certain skin receptors responsible for inflammation and cellular oxidation. In addition, you can discover the benefits of Dandelion through our article.

We also draw your attention to the fact that science has also demonstrated the power of plants, both good and bad. If plants are able to help us, they are also able to poison us or interact with other molecules or drugs. It is therefore imperative to handle them with care, to avoid self-medication and to trust expert laboratories like us.


Nature as a source of beauty

*** In the collective mind, herbalist and phyto practices are stored in the box of grandmother's remedies . There's like an idea of ​​apple pies and a country vacation with them.

There is even something mystical in the little herbal tea of ​​thyme for cough. Explore the early writings of Hildegard of Bingen , a true 12th century herbalist. She was above all abbess and Doctor of the Church.

However, all this ancestral knowledge has been transmitted from century to century. And despite the beginning of the discoveries, the country doctors of the 19th century used plants as a remedy to treat people. Be passionate about the vade-mecum of Doctor Beauvillard , reputed to be the doctor of the poor with his remedies.

In herbal medicine, some speak of this current of signature theory . Before science and biological expertise, observations were made empirically. In the Middle Ages, the doctor Paracelsus saw in plants a form of divine message. The shape, color and texture of plants determined their medicinal use. For example, he had decreed that walnut kernels were good for the brain in view of their shape strongly resembling this organ. However, science has finally confirmed the presence of omega 3 in nuts, which are known to support the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

When we know the precautions with which we must use plants, this approach may seem incredible.

However, let's give it its place in our approach to beauty . Why have we also chosen to use plants in our skincare? Well because Nature is generous with beauty.

Not all risky considerations are worth taking. However, one thing is certain. We can still say that the beauty of flowers can only benefit the beauty of women.

All the splendid variety of plants speaks of the beauty of all women, age and origin combined.

When we see the fullness and perfection of the Mallow flowers that we use in our Hydra Malva range, we give ourselves the right to think that your skin will be beautiful and fulfilled with its use.

What we take from Nature and give you in our skin care products is the magnificence of Nature . It is this harmony that we want to see you display on your faces.

And Nature then becomes glamorous at will.

Hydra Malva range


Saeve and phytotherapy

This is how Pauline decided to imagine Saeve with titrated extracts of plants and vegetables . Because it has inherited an obvious sensitivity to Nature. Because we transmitted to her the love of the Planet and she received an education that respects the living.

Remember that all our products are made with 92% ingredients of natural origin . It is out of the question to add unnecessary and potentially toxic additives for the environment and by extension for the skin.

Our products are guaranteed without silicones, without PEG, without synthetic dyes, without parabens or phenoxyethanol, without sodium laureth sulphate, without mineral oils and without ingredients of animal origin…

Immunox patent

We are looking for a sharp herbal medicine. Our Immunox® patent is an example of this. One of Nature's finest combinations is available in a state-of-the-art synergy for proven effectiveness on the skin. The fresh sap of organic Birch is mixed with concentrated extracts of organic Chaga : a union that is found naturally in the forests of Birch in Europe. It is the association between the Sève Youth Bath and the regenerating and detoxifying action of our immortal mushroom.

This synergy is now a patent. This means that this marvelous association has been the subject of scientific studies in order to be registered as a technical invention . It is unique to us and cannot be used by other people. It is therefore an innovation in this area .

We therefore provide you with scientifically validated Nature.

For the most beautiful development of your skin, like the freshness of Auvergne spring water, like the robustness of Maritime Pine, like the pep of Pink Grapefruit, like the sweetness of Olive oil, like the harmony of Magnolia blossom.

Saeve, how beautiful you are by nature

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