The sun, the secret of beautiful skin!

Benefits of the sun on the skin

You're going to think we've completely fallen on our heads. And that we are going to advise you to radiate yourself all day long, without worrying about the health of your skin?

Rest assured, far be it from us this idea. Of course, it's always a matter of paying attention to UV rays, hours of sunshine, sun protection and all the rest . In order not to suffer from allergies, sunburn and other more serious problems.

However, we see that there are rarely nuances in behavior. And that the means put in place to protect against UV rays can sometimes prove to be excessive.

We therefore want to remind you of the benefits of the sun in this article. It is necessary to see the light, to take advantage of the radiation of the sun, to do outdoor activities. This can be done without being overexposed with the risks that this entails.

And then, of course, we also have solutions at Saeve to allow you to enjoy the sun without damaging yourself. Oxidative stress, we know.

Let's go to reconcile you with an appropriate and beneficial use of the sun . 🌞


The organism and the plants, the same needs to flourish

As you know, we have given great importance to plants and phytotherapy in our formulas . We love plants, flowers, trees and all the virtues they have to offer us.

It is through this that we are going to remind you of the fundamental facts. To develop, grow and flourish, a plant needs water, oxygen and sunlight.

Wanting too much to hide from the sun so as not to age, we forget the basics a little.

Before even having the idea of ​​perfecting a tan, being outside allows us to benefit from the virtues of oxygenation. And it's not because the sun can burn that you have to lock yourself up all summer. Oxygen brings life. If we don't breathe, we don't live. We are inert. And the great outdoors is outside. Not in the house.

It is through breathing that we allow our body to produce energy. The effects on the skin? Boost of collagen and elastin production, supply of essential nutrients, boost of radiance by activating blood circulation...

A plant without oxygen withers and eventually withers. Because even if it is able to recycle CO² from the air into oxygen, it is still a nutrient for it.


The virtues of the sun and their healthy glow effect

Beautiful plants also need sunlight. It is part of the process of photosynthesis . The light is absorbed by the chlorophyll of the plants to produce glucose capable of making it grow. Too much light can dry it out or burn it. But without light, a plant cannot grow.

And this is where the whole nuance makes sense.

Some women categorically refuse to stay outdoors in the summer. However, the sun's rays and contact with light are essential.

Plant photosynthesis

What are the good reasons to take advantage of the sun's rays?

  • Healthy glow effect

For once, there is no question of pigmentation or pink cheeks. Being in contact with the sun acts directly on the production of endorphins . They are the hormones of happiness, well-being and pleasure.

Of course, we leave it up to you to make the connection between feeling good and happy and the immediate effect on your face.

  • Melatonin production

Morning sun, daily sleep. Melatonin is the sleep hormone. It triggers the physiological manifestations specific to falling asleep: heavy eyelids, chills, numbness of the body.

It is conditioned by contact with light. This contact passes through the retina which captures the variations of light.

There is an obvious connection between a restful sleep and rested skin with little visible dark circles.

Anti-Blemish Food Supplements
  • Vitamin D production

Between our precious organic Chaga , our beloved Birch Sap and our ferments present in our Pur Paradisi Anti-Blemish Food Supplements , we talk to you about immunity all the time at Saeve. This link between the body's defenses and the skin seems so essential to us.

UV rays allow the skin to vitamin D synthesis through cholesterol.

Vitamin D has an essential role on immunity , but also on the well-being of your osteoarticular system. She permits calcium binding .

  • Activation of melanin

When you put your skin in the sun, it turns brown. In order to protect its DNA, the small skin cell will produce melanin . It is this pigment that causes tanning. Melanin feeds on other antioxidant pigments.

You obviously know the action of antioxidants whose role is to protect us from the attacks of oxidative stress.

Activating melanin a little helps fight against skin aggressions.


Saeve to take full advantage of the sun

It seems important to us to remember the obvious.

Despite all the will in the world deployed to flee the sun, you will not be able to escape the general aging process.

So you are going to tell us that we have to fight to make it happen as smoothly and as smoothly as possible. And you are right. It is totally possible to age well. But do you really think that depriving yourself of a good mood, restful nights, a robust osteoarticular system and top immunity will help you in this project?

Be measured. Use good judgment. In the 19th century, the radiation of the sun treated many patients with various problems and depression. The sunshine was healing.

There is a happy medium between toasting like a toast and curling up for a few minutes in the warm arms of the sun. There is a fine line between exposing yourself to incongruous hours and enjoying an outdoor activity in the gentle rays of early morning.

On our side, we can help you on 1 point.

Our Officinale Detox range with titrated Dandelion extracts is the perfect weapon to reconcile you with the sun. Its antioxidant active ingredients help protect the skin from accelerated aging due to free radicals. Among the cult products of the range, we find the Anti-Oxidant Detox Shield Botanical Serum which detoxifies, revitalizes and refines the skin texture as well as the Multi-Defense Detox Cream SPF30 which contains UV filters to provide anti-oxidant protection and limit damage caused by the sun or free radicals.

Officinale Detox Range

Plan now to take a stroll at the end of the afternoon, with your hat on if you want, but above all happy at the idea of ​​enjoying the sun.

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