Anti-aging cream, understanding and slowing down facial skin aging

Anti-aging cream, understanding and slowing down facial skin aging

Remember when Sharon Stone said that laugh lines were sexy? Wisdom had spoken. It even seems that men find it attractive because it proves that we are authentic and capable of welcoming emotions.

Mature skin can look fresh and radiant if taken care of. We can even continue to make up her if we like to enhance her development.

Yet we hate our wrinkles. They are synonymous with the passing of time. They can give us anxiety. They tell us about the end. Some mornings, when we are upset and badly awakened, they make us harder and sad. As if our faces were falling like the branches of weeping willows.

Let's stop this melodrama right now. Let's be positive . Admittedly, wrinkles come from the natural phenomenon of aging. It is inevitable. But we can act on its process and its expression. There are indeed different types of wrinkles and depending on their nature and depth, several fields of action are available to us.

Do you want to ensure the longevity of your facial skin and minimize the marks of time? Read our article.

You will understand why the skin of the face ages and especially how you can intervene in the face of skin aging. Hygiene of life and Saeve anti-aging creams in the bathroom, we provide you with all the information to remain serene without consuming botox!

What is a wrinkle and how does it form?

To fully understand what is happening with wrinkles, one must first know the structure of the skin.

You have certainly been taught that the skin is made up of 3 superimposed layers. From the deepest to the most superficial, we have the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis.

The dermis is made up of connective tissue. We also have them around each of our bones and organs. This fabric has a high density. When observed under the microscope, it is wonderful. We see a more or less dense mesh of collagen and elastin fibers, filled with a nourishing liquid, the matrix, composed of water, proteins and carbohydrate molecules, including hyaluronic acid.

Over time, the density of the mesh changes due to a lack of nutrients and cell renewal is slower, promoting skin aging. This creates cracks and fiber breaks, the impact of which can be seen on the surface of the skin through the epidermis.

From there, are born small furrows and sags which one calls “wrinkles”.

Why is my skin aging?

Genetics plays an important role in our anti-aging heritage. But this data seems to be of little importance in the adequacy. However, there are other internal factors that we need to let go of:

The hormonal factor

In women, it is a major subject of skin modification. Hormones influence the quality of our skin throughout our lives, such as during adolescence or during pregnancy. But as we age, our bodies are less likely to produce estrogen. These female sex hormones play an important role in the elasticity and hydration of the skin, hair and nails. Estrogen maintains the production of collagen and elastin by the skin. In women, hormonal production drops from the age of 25 and experiences a significant drop around the age of 45.

Cell division

When you constantly use the same device, these components wear out or become fragile. It's exactly the same with our cells. As we age, the necessary materials and processes for cell division and replication are lacking. The DNA itself is damaged by division by wear of the ends of the chromosomes, called telomeres. In this sense, remember that our facial skin products contain our Immunox® patent . This synergy brings together fresh organic birch sap and organic chaga, the mushroom of immortality. Our Immunox® patent has been scientifically proven to protect cell DNA and mitochondria, the cells' little powerhouses.

Are all wrinkles the same?

There is obviously an evolution in the appearance of advancing age on the skin of the face. Fortunately for us, things are happening slowly and gradually.

The first signs of skin aging show themselves first on the parts where the skin is thinner. The eyes are often the first to be affected, with the appearance of dark circles and fine lines often due to dehydration. The skin is crisscrossed with small lines that are commonly called wrinkles. They are easily spotted.

Over time, life events and emotions, expression lines set in to give real relief to our face. They make us human and alive. Don't be afraid of them, they are your personality. Lion's wrinkle, forehead folds, corners of the lips, all these wrinkles are formed by daily solicitation of the muscles of our face. This is how we recognize happy women 😉

Static wrinkles are those whose crease is marked and seems deep. You should know that their appearance is a sign that the evil is in place deep down. Support materials are completely weathered. They are therefore irremediably installed.

What can I do to minimize the effects of skin aging on my facial skin?

There are dozens of small things you can do every day to preserve your youth and delay the effects of skin aging:


We explained it to you in our post on night creams , sleep repairs and regenerates. If you go to bed late and you sleep badly, your skin is not doing its cell renewal well, which can contribute to promoting premature skin aging. So, it's simple, go to bed!

Tobacco, pollution and pesticides

Skin clogged with multiple toxins is also less willing to renew itself. The body has the natural ability to eliminate. Unless we add a bunch of additional parasites, such as pollution particles and outside smoke which are invisible enemies! Think No Tox rather than Detox. And if it's inevitable, think Detox Officinale , which will revive the radiance of your complexion and cleanse your skin altered by external aggressions ...

The sun: Without real surprise.

We know that prolonged exposure to the sun directly impacts the cellular DNA of the skin. Clearly, the cells not only slow down their multiplication, but they can even stop doing it. As for the phenomenon of dehydration, it is more than obvious. Hats, umbrellas, sunglasses and protective creams among your basic weapons...

Sugar: Do you know the phenomenon of glycation?

It's when sugar molecules attach to proteins. And good for your skin, it's the same. Glucose binds to collagen and hardens it. And to top it off, collagen and elastin stick together to better freeze. The skin sags, softens and the ptosis of the face is even more conducive, promoting skin aging. We encourage you to have a reasonable consumption of fast sugars and to favor slow-digesting whole foods.

And what are Saeve barrier gestures against skin ageing?

Before the age of 35, you can start doing specific zoning. We have an unstoppable and innovative weapon for dark circles and lips. Do you know the Lifting Eye and Lip Contour from our Lift Pinaster range?

eye area

With its cold effect applicator, this little prodigy with a concentrated and unscented formula will correct the signs of aging around the eyes and lips. With its 3-in-1 power, this lifting treatment will act on established wrinkles, firm the skin and refresh the eyes by reducing puffiness and dark circles. The skin is plumped up, fine lines are filled in, as if by magic.

• Daily cleaning

It is imperative that your skin is clean and rid of all residues and dead cells. Our Perfect Pisum Flawless Skin Foam is the cleanser for the situation. We exfoliate, we sober up and we light up thanks to the titrated extracts of Peas , with lightening virtues and correctors of pigment spots.

• The indescribable mask

The moisturizing mask could make sense. However, we have even more convincing on hand: the Intense Detox Mask . In comforter mode for delicate skin, this mask releases the nasty pollutants mentioned above. Oust the free radicals! Make way for light and healthy cell regeneration thanks to Dandelion fructans.

• Good Saeve anti-aging care

The Lift Pinaster range is a natural makeover. Her own Garden Next Door ingredient is maritime pine , rich in stabilized polyphenols known as OPCs. The latter have the particularity of attaching themselves to the collagen fibers to prevent their oxidation and inflammation. Thus, therefore their integrity is protected.
As a bonus, fragmented vegetable hyaluronic acid has been added for better penetration into the lower layers of the epidermis to fill wrinkles from the inside. And to perfect this nutritious cocktail, we have added tripeptides to redensify the skin.

These fabulously rejuvenating little marvels are found in the flagship products of the range: the Firming Anti-Aging Botanical Serum and the Redensifying Night Cream with a texture so soft and so generously relaxing.

Lift Pinaster range against premature skin aging

And never forget to treat your throat, neck and chest as well. History of not leaving its part to the angels.

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