Dry skin in winter, how to remedy it?

dry skin in winter

Aoutch! Since when did taking a shower become painful?

The syndrome of dry skin that itches and pulls in the middle of winter is back with great tingling blows under clothes, and on the face. You have itchy upper lips and rosy cheeks from the heat of the house. We're not going to lie to each other, it hurts.

Dry skin is making a comeback with more or less unfortunate impacts.

Do you think this is irremediable? How will those tingling and tugging feelings last all winter?

Banish this belief from your thoughts and read this dedicated article. Learn how to distinguish dry skin from dehydrated skin , understand what are the causes of this dryness and your action levers to remedy it . And above all, find lasting and effective solutions with Saeve care to support you during this period.

If the present is arid, the future is rich and wet.

How do I know if I have dry skin?

When talking about dry skin, we must be careful to distinguish between two types of situation : the state of the field with chronic and established dry skin and the current state of dehydrated skin due to a particular context .

Skin with a dehydrated tendency will react to cold, heat, following a particular diet or rubbing. On the other hand, dry skin is permanently dry. Those affected have been uncomfortable for years.

Dermatological and cosmetic support will therefore be temporary for the former, but regular for the latter.

In the case of dehydration, the skin pulls and tingles slightly. She blushes sometimes. A few fine lines can settle in specific areas such as the corner of the eyes and the top of the lips. It may tend to stick out due to lack of flexibility. This skin is sorely lacking in hydration, therefore water. This skin needs to drink.

For the dry skin category , the skin is ridged and rough. It is often reactive to anything that can stimulate its lack of sebum and therefore "fat". It can scale, peel and create hot, red areas like scabs. They are therefore much more sensitive to external seasonal conditions, unlike skin lacking in hydration. This skin needs nourishment.

Dry skin range, Moisturizing Soothing

What causes dry skin?

  • Zoom on temperature variations
    This is precisely what interests us in this post. Our skin is not subject to the summer sun, but to temperature fluctuations during the winter. During the cold seasons, the body fights against the cold and therefore concentrates its heat on the vital organs. These climatic conditions can disrupt the protective function of the skin and become the cause of dry skin. The skin is therefore left behind and the production of sebum is strongly affected. In addition, one easily passes from the cold and dry outside air to the warm and dry atmosphere of the house. So much permanent over-adaptation for the skin likely to cause its dryness. Outside, it must produce sebum to protect itself against the cold. Inside, she sweats her water reserves to acclimatize. At some point, the skin barrier gets tired and the imbalance is felt by dehydration.
  • aging 
    Hormonal modification in women plays an important role in the smoothness of the skin. The drop in estrogen acts directly on the production of collagen and elastin. natural production of hyaluronic acid, sensor and preservative of tissue water , also tends to become scarce. This phenomenon is part of life and can lead to dry skin. He needs to be accompanied so that the degradation does not intervene too quickly, in particular on the installation of wrinkles. We will understand in passing that hormonal treatments can also have an impact on skin dryness. Mature skin needs all the more attention so as not to suffer from drying out.
  • Drug treatments
    Unfortunately, some chronic treatments can have repercussions on the quality of the skin both on its thickness and on the production of sebum and be one of the causes of dry skin. We can cite dermatological treatments against acne, but also heavier follow-ups such as chemotherapy. In these specific cases, use rich nourishing creams regularly and diligently. Obviously, never stop your treatment without the advice of a doctor, even if your skin reacts.

  • Specific skin conditions
    Some of us are prone to specific dermatological problems such as xerosis, eczema or psoriasis , which can cause dry skin . In these specific cases, it is necessary to go further than the simple fact of applying creams. Although this will help you relieve the symptoms, it is imperative to seek to understand what is happening through specialized professionals.


What can be done to combat dry skin?

Take care when showering
It is an undeniable fact, too hot water and steam baths are not your friends. Your skin is immediately impacted by the ambient heat. Prefer showers with temperate water and limit baths to once a week in normally hot water, to avoid having dry skin.

Managing the temperature at home
At home, do not overheat the rooms. We adjust the radiators, especially in the rooms where the heat should not exceed 19 to 20°. We dress to fight the cold. It's better for the planet.
And if you live in a building where the heating is unfortunately not adjustable, do not hesitate to use humidifiers so that the air is not completely dry.

  • Hydration, my love
    We can not emphasize this enough. To bring water to the body, the best solution remains the consumption of water. Drink about 1.5 L of water a day apart from herbal teas and coffees, to hydrate your dry skin from the inside. This will not only benefit your body's oxygenation, but also its hydration needs. This also concerns your tendons, your connective tissue, your eyes, etc.
  • Haro on alcohol products
    There are many products on the market that contain alcohol, which may be a contributing factor to dry skin. Lotions, tonics, make-up removers often contain this material as a preservative. However, alcohol burns and dries out.
    Also think about perfumes that are made on alcohol bases. Prefer to perfume your clothes, and avoid projecting perfume in your neck and on your cheeks. Sensation of irritation guaranteed for dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Micro-nutrition to the rescue
    Taking food supplements can help.
    If you have chronically dry skin, take omega-3 and 6 cures by consuming fish, chia or borage oils.
    If, on the contrary, you suffer from skin dehydration, turn to Omega 7 with sea buckthorn oil. Make cures of hyaluronic acid.
    For dryness related to advancing age, think of collagen, at a rate of 3 months minimum.
    Take the attachment of a nutritherapist or a naturopath, before taking any long-term food supplements.

And Saeve in all this?

Our absolute weapon against dry skin lies in our favorite range. Often sold out because a victim of its effectiveness, it is Hydra Malva, the comfort of thirsty skin!

With this specific range, we have focused on deep hydration. In each of our products, there is our Immunox® patent . It is the perfect alliance between fresh organic Birch Sap with moisturizing, soothing and remineralizing properties and Organic Chaga, (nicknamed the mushroom of immortality) immortal mushroom with anti-aging properties.

In addition to this marvel of nature, which has proven its worth both in vitro and in life, we have decided to take advantage of the virtues of wild mallow . In phytotherapy, it is used for its emollient action. It contains mucilage, which in contact with the humidity of the body, softens ENT or intestinal inflammations. It is also said to be vulnerary. That is to say, it promotes the healing of wounds.

So your dry skin will give you a THANK YOU of relief when you apply your daily care.

If you suffer from severe dryness , a good skincare routine will be essential to treat your dry skin. Do not hesitate to use the Rich Quenching Cream . This magic ointment contains an extract of white willow and sweet almond oil , capable of calming the pains of tightness and overheating. Use it in the heart of winter when its harshness is at its peak, and find nourished and plumped skin. If your skin lacks hydration and is sensitive to redness, apply the Soothing Quenching Cream . With its fluid texture, it is suitable for those who hate feeling cream on their face. Its lightness in no way detracts from its effectiveness, since it also contains hazelnut oil , whose molecular weight is close to that of skin sebum.

In the category, champions of urgency, we named our best-selling Hydrating Botanical Serum 24 Soothing . It contains an essential active ingredient for skin hydration: pure hyaluronic acid of plant origin, ideal for dry skin. In 30 min, it brings back 44.1% hydration and plumps up the skin like a nice fresh apple.

And if it's the interplanetary shortage of hydration, consider the Soothing Re-Hydrating Infusion Mask . The mask is the express formula for thirsty and completely malnourished skin. We invite you to read the article " Face mask, essential targeted treatments " to understand their usefulness.

Dry skin, Hydra Malva range

Clearly, to find a luminous skin, harmonious, but above all calm and sip of beneficial water, it is Hydra Malva that you need in these gray times. .

Fountain, know that I will no longer need to draw your water...

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