Should we do a detox after the holidays, to eliminate excess?

A detox after the holidays?

Like every year, shortly after the holidays, we see articles on DETOX flourish.

It is assumed that you have probably eaten too much and your body needs to get rid of excess food, alcohol and laziness.

Only here, the DETOX is an approach that deserves reflection. Not everyone can start a drastic DETOX. Nor is it the one and only answer to the plethoric behaviors of the end of the year celebrations. You may even be enjoying a good galette des rois.

The DETOX requires a certain energy and an obvious vitality. Is it really the right time? Aren't there any questions to ask beforehand? The answer is yes. And what about the DETOX of the skin? Is the process the same? Does facial skin need help?

In this post, we offer you a focus on DETOX. When ? How and with what?

1 – Make an inventory

Every day, the body carries out a work of elimination and natural detoxification. Our body is largely capable of getting rid of toxins, resulting from metabolic waste.

However, there are many factors that can prevent this process. These include fatigue, overwork, lack of sleep, non-living food. We are also invaded by external pollution factors that we call “toxic”. We can talk about endocrine disruptors, atmospheric pollutants, cigarettes, drugs, etc.

When we decide to do a DETOX, we often use plants or active ingredients, which awaken the functions of the liver, kidneys and intestines. This process requires a certain energy from our body, because the plants activate elimination, and sometimes in a punchy way.

If we lack energy, we risk putting the body in even more difficulty, even in danger. It is therefore important, before starting a voluntary DETOX, to question your personal energy, which you will evaluate according to your current fatigue.

How do you feel today ? Does everything take effort? Is your morale stable? The time is perhaps rather for the energy recharge that we will call revitalization.

The current stress caused by the COVID health crisis seems to affect all of us. It makes us tired and reluctant to develop superhuman strength in overambitious projects, of which DETOX can be a part.

2 – Gain energy to restart the machine

But then what are the solutions, if I am too tired to practice a DETOX? By deciding to bring energy to your body, the natural process of DETOX will activate itself.

How to act?

  • My plate, my first ally
    Focus on choosing foods that are packed with essential nutrients. To do so, choose raw products, with little or no processing and from the best possible source. Watch your cooking. Heat destroys nutrients. You should make sure to cook as little as possible. If this is the case, promote gentle cooking as much as possible. Avoid haute cuisine au gratin, in sauce or simmered for hours. Go for the simplest: canned fish, rice or quinoa with condiments or aromatic herbs, sautéed vegetables.

  • Promote my rest
    Winter rhymes with Slow Time . This is the time to rest quietly to allow the body to recover. The days are short and invite sleep. Take a nap. Give up the evenings in front of the screens where the nervous system does not rest, even if your body is static. True rest is sleep optimized by early bedtimes. It is also times of simple contemplation.

  • sports activity
    Conversely, put your body in motion regularly. Spending time standing or stomping at work is not physical activity. Rather, it causes tension. Thanks to sports activity, the skin will sweat and support the natural DETOX. We also release endorphins, substances of well-being and pleasure. There is an immediate action on the nervous system. Welcome to fullness and goodbye to stress. In fact, we act directly on the vital energy. Make sure you find a balance between activity, work and rest.
Rest for beautiful skin

3 – The right allies to get there

Vitamin C, post-holiday detox

    • Raw in my dishes
      We talked about the quality of food and its cooking. If the essential nutrients do not support heat, it is therefore essential to integrate raw food into your plates . In winter, we certainly need warmth, but vitamins, especially vitamin C, are essential for natural DETOX. If you can't stand it, just think about decruding the food. Long live sautéed vegetables, fresh grapefruit, lamb's lettuce and grated carrots.

    • Fibers in all circumstances Soluble fibers help regulate transit and support intestinal elimination. We advise you to eat oats every day. It acts directly as a natural depurative, but provides ceramides and polyphenols that are good for the skin.

    • Spice up Reignite the inner fire with spices, which will boost metabolism and aid digestion. Ginger, for example, is known to activate intestinal motility and regulate elimination through transit.(1)

4 – And my skin in all this?

The skin is a major organ of detoxification. It informs us of the internal state of our body. Acne, blackheads, grayish complexion, so many small imperfections that tell us what to do. By activating vital energy, it may be called upon to evacuate waste. It is therefore logical to help him with appropriate care so that the process is not thwarted .

You can therefore pay particular attention to the skin of our face. She is on the front line. When we take care to rid it of toxins and poisons, we give our body a good helping hand.

Have you ever been told about the Officinale Detox Range , whose flagship active ingredient is the titrated Dandelion extract? This range has been specifically designed to help skin attacked by pollutants and cellular oxidation, which cause inflammation and affect the quality of our skin texture. The titrated Dandelion extract, a powerful antioxidant, will act as an urban shield and allow the skin to refine its texture, and eliminate the particles of pollution that dull the complexion.

Anti-oxidant officinale detox range

When the skin is rid of external toxins, we support its work of internal elimination quietly.

Always remember to cleanse your skin methodically. Detox micellar water has the particularity of removing pollutants but also impurities. From the first use, this ultra-refreshing water removes make-up from the face and eyes, refines the texture and detoxifies the skin.

Also discover our Anti-Oxidant Detox Shield Botanical Serum , our anti-wrinkle concentrate combined with a protective action for skin exposed to pollution! You will find fresh Organic Birch Sap and Organic Chaga, an unstoppable patented complex to protect your skin from free radicals and strengthen your skin's immune defences. The titrated Dandelion extract and the encapsulated apple phloretin go through their antioxidant and detoxifying actions, to cleanse the skin and even out the complexion, for fresher and more radiant skin!

Officinal detox serum

And because it's important to protect your skin from UV rays, winter and summer alike, wrap up your skincare routine by moisturizing it with the Multi-Defense Detox Cream SPF30 .

officinal detox cream

Enough to draw up the most effective botanical DETOX shield there is, while being gentle with yourself. .

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