Our skin, this great forgotten...

It's cold. And that's good ! The opportunity for us to remind you of some essentials.

Thanks to the cold...

...you will finally listen to your skin and hear its long cries of despair. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. "Shame on her permanently" as the Anglo-Saxons would say! Well yes, you forgot again to pay attention and cream yourself. It tugs, it stings and it cracks.

Know that the skin is a major organ of your body. It is thanks to her that you can defend yourself from external aggressions. It is part of your immune system . He is a kind, caring and loyal soldier. If you feel the cold, the heat of the sun, the rain on your face, or a cut tearing you, it is by his help.

Serum application on the cheek

We know that you tend to only take care of it when you have a big pimple on your nose. But she deserves more than that. Skin is a super complex and dense tissue . She is fascinating. For example, do you know that it is an organ of elimination, which helps the kidneys, the intestines and the lungs? She supports them in their work. And then, it represents 7% of your total weight and 2m² of surface area on average. We, at S[æ]ve, are fascinated by such immensity. It is as beautiful as a beautiful birch forest.

In fact, we will be clear with you. Your immune defenses therefore depend on its maintenance. Basically, it makes sense to deal with it. When it's cold, you cover most of your body well with clothes, right? But what about the hands, face and neck? They are always in the open air, subject to urban pollution, ultraviolet rays and climatic stress. It is these areas that are damaged first. We must therefore find a solution to this and we are here to help and motivate you.

So, we are going to tell you with the most sincere kindness of our Mother Earth: take care of your skin!

The more you cherish her, the more she will give back to you. It will be more competitive, radiant and radiant . Bye the cracks and dull complexion of the Lock Ness monster.

Consider this organ the most precious of treasures . Give it importance and don't leave it out. Feed it properly with a varied and beneficial diet. Keep it hydrated by drinking enough water every day.

But above all embalm and cover your skin with ointments and creams with active and natural virtues , which will make your life more beautiful. Your immune defenses will thank you.

hand cream

Take care and don't forget...

God S[æ]ve The Skin

The team

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