Instant S[æ]ve in December

S[æ]ve in December? It could be imagined like that.

Vases, Saeve, Instant cocooning in winter

A cozy apartment...

... with white walls, bathed in the lights of a few indigo blue street lamps and candles scented with essential oils of sweet orange and cinnamon. Are you starting to like it?

Then there would be a lovely living room with a fluffy heather gray sofa, generous with huge red and white cushions. There would also be a white wool throw, which would wait patiently to warm anyone who snuggled up in it. Moreover, we advise you to wrap yourself in it cheerfully.

On the ground, at the bottom of the window, there are three Dame-Jeanne. They would have been found in flea markets and we like this idea. They would be filled with fairy lights, red ribbons and stems of holly and clematis from the dried hedges. The floor would be covered with whitewashed wood parquet and a wide rug. Barefoot is incomparably soft, we promise...

Ah yes, we forgot to tell you. At S[æ]ve, we really like Light, even that of Winter. It's good for the morale and the skin. So at the window, we would imagine a sill, where we could sit to look outside. Above, would be arranged small Christmas subjects, pine cones, 1 candlestick and a cushion.

Saeve, Instant cocooning in winter

On the coffee table in this living room,

a cognac moleskin notebook and a beautiful black pen await the writing of your gratitude. A porcelain cup would smoke an infusion of colored spices, similar to a bluish enamel teapot. You know, the ones found in Auvergne farms, with the gooseneck neck? There would be an embroidered cotton cloth next to it to pour out your drink without getting burned. Help yourself, we like to chat.

On this coffee table, there would be a tube of our Soothing Re-Hydrating Infusion Mask with titrated Mallow extracts. This plant is a winter custom, secret of our grandmothers to soothe throats irritated and inflamed by the cold and drafts. Its emollient properties neutralize dry and aggressive coughs on our vocal cords by soothing them.

Imagine these wonderful virtues on your irritated skin. A concentrate of serenity. Outside, it would obviously be bad. We would therefore greatly invite you to take the time for a moisturizing mask, which would calm tingling and tightness thanks to chamomile and white willow.

And yes, S[æ]ve is extraordinary, even in Winter.

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