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face mask

So, it seems that we are trying to find out which face mask would be the most effective for you?

You are right. No complete beneficial routine for the skin, without this overpowering operating mode that is the face mask. For what ? Because it is the epitome of proven effectiveness. Again why? Well because it's the easiest way to pamper your skin in less time than it takes to say. Always why? Well, because it's an asset bomb all on its own.

Face masks have it all. At Saeve, Pauline Bony has worked 4 of them. And as she thinks of everything, they are not single-minded. They can all be combined to optimize the benefits. And above all, they are filled with the same botanical magic that characterizes us. Extraordinary herbal care (not so) ordinary…

Some are still not convinced? So, we take care of changing your mind about it. Wait until you read our mask review and you'll be bowled over. To the point of no longer needing to go to the ball, masked.

The principles of face masks

Each week, you meticulously carry out a complete routine for the skin of your face: in the morning, you protect for the day, in the evening, you optimize the active ingredients to help it regenerate. Make-up removal no longer holds any secrets for you and the serum is an essential holy grail. So, we really congratulate you for having taken these sweet resolutions to preserve your skin.

In this case, why use an additional face mask? The mask is more concentrated in active ingredients than a cream or a fluid. Applied in a thick layer, it will act like an overpowering shot on your skin. It has the same virtues as your daily care, but with extreme power.

Moisturizing, detoxifying, exfoliating or purifying action , the face mask completes your daily care with a targeted action . When rinsing, all will have the ability to rid the dead cells of our asphyxiated skin. And even more, if the action is to drive out impurities...

For those who are just starting out in beauty or who have left skincare for a long time, the face mask is perfect for catching up on time. Skin bruised by years of dehydration will be more than happy with a good cuddly mask to immediately regain softness and bounce.

The mask also has a soothing and relaxing virtue . What could be wiser than paying longer attention to your face? No precipitation. Even if the duration of the mask may vary, there is always a relaxation time at the key.

When applying your mask in circular motions, invite slowness and intentionally cut with stress. And why not even lie down quietly while waiting for the magic to work?

4 Saeve face masks

Face mask, how to use them?

First of all, know that a cadence of once a week is the minimum. Twice is really nice. More if you are in SOS mode.

In order to optimize the effectiveness of your face mask, you can first do a steam bath. Bend your head over a bowl of hot water. The pores of your skin will be more willing to get rid of impurities. At the same time, the active ingredients of the mask will be better assimilated. And if you regularly go to the hammam, do not hesitate to take your tube with you.

You can also choose to prepare your skin by applying a first cleansing mask. Our Pur Paradisi 2-in-1 Purifying Mask is a good prerequisite for blemished and acne-prone skin. Enriched with soft adsorbent clays and wood pulp microbeads , this mask attracts underlying impurities to better get rid of them as your delicate fingers pass.

Pure Paradisi 2-in-1 Purifying Mask

Apart from this usefulness, it can also complement your weekly routine. In this mask, we find the super-powerful active ingredient of the range: pink grapefruit extract titrated in AHA citric acid . The latter has a purifying action, ideal for skin with small pimples and other blackheads. It will perfectly complete your perfect skin routine. After this mask, the skin is soft, smooth, fresh and your well-being is looking good. More information on the health of skin with imperfections? Take advantage of our article " How to get rid of acne quickly and naturally?" »

How to choose your mask for the skin?

Always choose a mask according to the state of your skin at the time.

Is your skin dull, dull, lackluster, emaciated and greyish, even spotted? The Instant Radiance Peeling Mask from the Perfect Pisum range is made for you.

Instant Radiance Peeling Mask

His strength ? Lightening of the complexion. It contains fruit acids to gently exfoliate. Its concentrated extract of peas titrated in monosaccharides is able to fight against spots and skin disharmony. In 10 minutes, your skin is soft and illuminated. May the light be on your rosy cheekbones.

Do you have combination skin? Play with the latter in addition to the Pur Paradisi 2-in-1 Purifying Mask . Exfoliate and clarify the cheekbones by cleansing and purifying the T zone.

2-in-1 Purifying Mask

Returning from vacation in the sun, cold winter weather, natural dryness, temporary skin fallow... Is your skin uncomfortable and thirsty? We have what it takes to revive it. The Hydra Malva Soothing Re-Hydrating Infusion Mask is a source of nourishment. Thanks to its Mallow extract titrated in mucilages and its vegetable hyaluronic acid, this mask immediately soothes dry skin. Softness, smoothing, suppleness, rebound, the skin exudes joie de vivre.

Hydra Malva Soothing Re-Hydrating Infusion Mask

If you are really in pain, you can apply 5 drops of our Soothing 24-Hour Hydrating Botanical Serum before putting on your mask. Rejuvenation guaranteed. This mask is also ideal for combating aging.

In our range with gentle extracts of Dandelion Detox Officinale, is the amazing Intense Detox Mask . Imagine a light jelly, which on application turns into an enveloping oil for the greatest of comforts. When rinsed, this anointing changes into a benefactor milk, but above all a trap of extreme pollution. Bye bye external environmental aggressions.

Intense Detox Mask

All our masks are made from fresh organic Birch Sap and organic Chaga. Your ritual will therefore be revitalizing and antioxidant. We can't be more efficient.

At Saeve, no comedy, no tragedy. The mask is real life.

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