Anti-wrinkles: our anti-aging tips to preserve your youth

anti-wrinkle, Saeve's advice

You may be on the verge of going to a plastic surgeon for injections or blepharoplasty. You start not recognizing yourself anymore, and the mere sight of your face in the mirror makes you moody.

It's not so much getting old that's hard; it is in the order of things and you are aware of it. Rather, it is how it manifests itself that is painful. And then, in your head, you are always at the party.

How to fight against your wrinkles without attacking or traumatizing your skin?

And if this force was precisely in our products? In the association of two king trees of French Nature: Organic Birch and Maritime Pine extract .

The anti-wrinkle solution is found in the synergy between these two trees to serve the skin of your face, fight against its aging and work directly on its structure and collagen production.

In this new post, we explain everything about the richness of Maritime Pine and we give you anti-wrinkle tips .

Who said growing old meant withering? Certainly not us! We love to see you beautiful and fulfilled throughout life.

1 – The fatal anti-wrinkle weapon, Maritime Pine extract

Maritime Pine extract or Pin des Landes extract is more commonly known as Pycnogenol .

The virtues of Maritime Pine were discovered during Jacques Cartier's exploration campaigns to the Americas in the 16th Century. As he wrote everything down, he reported that maritime pine bark infusions had saved his crews from scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C.

Since then, Maritime Pine has therefore been the subject of numerous scientific researches, and we have been able to see that its extract contains an incredible mixture of antioxidants.

Maritime pine, anti-wrinkle ingredient

Internally, it can:

• Accompany the cardiovascular system by supporting the proper functioning of the heart

• Alleviate joint discomfort and help the proper functioning of the osteo-articular system thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties

• Contribute to ocular well-being thanks to its carotenoid content

And for the skin, it also works wonders:

• It participates in the production of nitric oxide, which promotes microcirculation

• It acts on the degradation factors of collagen and elastin in order to preserve these precious materials • It supports the production of natural collagen

• It takes part in the fight against free radicals and is extremely helpful in case of sunburn

But externally, you will tell us, is it as effective?

The answer is yes ! The flavonoids present in the extract of Maritime Pine will provide the skin with comprehensive protection, especially against facial wrinkles and skin aging. Victory is within reach!

2 – Intense hydration for finer skin

Watch out for sugars

We explain it to you in our post " Anti-aging cream, understanding and slowing down facial skin aging ". Too much sugar consumption leads to a phenomenon of glycation , which can also be called “caramelization” or the Maillard reaction.

You probably know this reaction without knowing it. When braising meat, it is the fire that will grill the surface of the meat. It's the same process that browns the cheese you put on your cannelloni.

The sugars present in the foods you eat will attach themselves to the proteins, and modify the molecular structure of the food by breaking down the proteins. Collagen being a protein, one can imagine that it is the same for your skin.

So ladies, we are not against small sweets, but pay attention to your consumption of refined, industrialized sugars and especially to the quantities.

Exit pollutants: tobacco, alcohol, sun

All toxins are potential threats to your youth. We will agree that the aftermath of birthdays made of champagne and tobacco is hardly conducive to a refreshed mine. The same goes for exposure to the sun's UV rays, where the complexion sometimes grays more than it browns.

In short, stop free radicals, which reduce our youthfulness by playing with the healthy cells of our skin. Before even investing in our best products, eliminate all these polluting intruders as much as possible.

If you want to expose yourself to the sun, do so preferably during the coolest hours, with a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with a high protection factor. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation, and if you're thinking of quitting smoking, we strongly encourage you to do so! It's really a "youth" act par excellence.

Regular facial massage, the ultimate anti-wrinkle boost

Anti-wrinkle facial massage videos are taking over social media, and that's a very good thing. Our face is made up of muscles and blood and lymphatic channels that need as much stimulation as the rest of the muscles in our body. The history of facial massage originates from Asia. It is the result of Japanese practices of Kobido massage, but also seated Amma massage and Dien Shan reflexology methods.

These methods have made it possible to understand the importance of soliciting the face with soft but deep touches on specific points. They allow to unclog the tissues of the face, to activate the elimination and the drainage, to boost the microcirculation. They also have an anti-wrinkle function: facial muscle tension will tend to favor the creation of wrinkles. Even if you will never be able to massage yourself in depth like a professional, you can take the time to smooth your face every day.

A few minutes are enough to make a difference and optimize the effectiveness of your care.

3 – Saeve and its Lift Pinaster range

If we told you about this marvelous Maritime Pine extract, it's mainly because we had the idea of ​​combining it with our Immunox® patent in four of our products.

We're doing it again because it's been a long time since we've made a point about it. Immunox® is our signature complex:

Fresh organic birch sap , a real bath of youth thanks to its detoxifying and regenerating action

Organic Chaga , also called "mushroom of immortality", whose cell protection action has been tested many times in our laboratory

Our synergy has benefited from more than 115 tests and scientific studies. They made it possible to demonstrate the activity of the Immunox® patent on the three life times of the skin:

On its past, the Immunox® complex helps restore mitochondrial DNA damaged during the day. A stable mitochondrial DNA is a healthy cell. Protection and repair are there

On its present, the Immunox® patent acts against oxidative stress and enemy free radicals

• On its future, organic Birch Sap and organic Chaga modulate the skin's immune response to support it in its next battles

In Lift Pinaster , Maritime Pine extract has been added additionally. You imagine ? Cellular restoration, oxidative calm, protection of collagen and elastin. Would we have found the anti-aging solution that is just as gentle as it is strong?

Lift Pinaster is four products to help you:

On application, you already have the feeling that this cream fills in wrinkles and redensifies the skin for a smoother finish thanks to its silky texture. Rich in broccoli flavonoids and firming tripeptides, this warm-smelling cream acts directly on the appearance of the skin, improving its elasticity and making it firmer. This anti-wrinkle treatment acts in depth to stop the marks of time.

Have you ever heard your skin thank you? With our Redensifying Night Cream, it will be possible. This anti-wrinkle cream with an ultra creamy texture works during sleep when cell renewal is most stimulated. It is composed of many active ingredients such as encapsulated flavonoids for an in-depth action against skin aging, apricot kernel oil for a healthy glow action and effective nourishment with firm skin. Associated with the Immunox Patent, the skin is regenerated, smoother, firmer and its elasticity is reinforced! And above all, it shines from the first morning.

The botanical serum from the Lift Pinaster range is the treatment that acts underwater to reach the deeper layers of the epidermis, where wrinkles are created. Highly concentrated in Organic Birch Sap, Organic Chaga and Pine polyphenols, and vegetable hyaluronic acid, this anti-wrinkle serum redensifies and improves the structure of the skin to help restore volume. The complexion is brighter and the depth of wrinkles is reduced, as if filled. Suffice to say that this bath of youth is complete. Boost collagen formation, stop free radicals and deeply hydrate, that's what bounces and firms the cheeks.

One of our favorites among all our facial treatments, the Eye and Lip Contour has a cooling metal applicator . This 3-in-1 anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles treatment allows you to apply the right dose of product with a refreshing, fresh-up effect. This stimulates the circulation and engorgements of the ring. Say goodbye to dark circles; and hello doe eye! This treatment tightens the eyelid, firms the skin and smoothes crow's feet wrinkles! It also helps to smooth small dehydration lines around the lips, not to be forgotten.

Let the pink rise to your cheeks, thanks to us! And then, in the shade of the maritime pines, we feel so good....

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