The benefits of dandelion, a SAEVE plant

Benefits of dandelion

The time has come for the light, feathery egrets of the fields. And young girls to blow on them to find out if their lovers love them so much...

Well, without laughing, beyond this symbolic bucolic, let's talk about the benefits of Dandelion. “Dent-de-Lion” as the Romans would say. "Pisse-au-lit" as the Herbalists would say.

This small plant with a bushy sunny yellow flower happens to be the very epitome of global Detox. Liver, kidneys, skin... Not bad for this little Happiness from near.

An Officinale Detox that we offer you (not so…) simply in our skin care products. A marvel of the fields for more than optimized anti-pollution urban skin protection thanks to the antioxidant active ingredients of Dandelion.

Dandelion's little data sheet

This pretty girl flourishes particularly in Europe, from Spring to Autumn. Its strength allows it to grow up to 2000 meters above sea level. The Dandelion is part of the Asteraceae family. That of the Florist's multicolored gerberas.

It has been used for ages. During Antiquity, scholars were already making therapeutic use of it. The Dandelion is a temple of Phytotherapy that we put in our care. Its cosmetic virtues come from the roots or the leaves.

Among the benefits of Dandelion, it contains Vitamin C , the queen of the skin's immune system. It is also made up of beta-carotene , a precursor of vitamin A, essential for vision and cell replication. In terms of minerals, Dandelion is also rich in iron and potassium, which promote the proper functioning of nervous exchanges, muscles and the cardiovascular system.

Dandelion contains flavonoids and fatty acids, also known as sterols , whose action is recognized by its effectiveness on cholesterol.

Dandelion Magical Powers

Remember that it is recommended to consult your doctor or any other health professional, if you plan to do a Dandelion cure internally. Not that he wants you badly, however despite the benefits of Dandelion, it is not recommended to consume Dandelion in case of gallstones and intestinal complications.

  • Appetite and liver protection
    Dandelion has a direct action on the liver, stimulating the flow of bile and protecting the cells of the latter.
  • Purifying and diuretic detox
    The Dandelion , by its slightly laxative action, will activate the elimination by the kidney and the intestines. It will also play a role in water retention and heavy leg sensations.
  • Major antioxidant action
    Many active ingredients participate in the detoxifying and anti-aging virtues of Dandelion on the body.
  • Support for iron anemia
    The Dandelion is therefore a godsend in salads.
  • Joint pain relief
    Dandelion accompanies in particular the painful discomforts linked to gout.
The benefits of dandelion

Saeve, close urban cosmetic defense

Saeve Woman in the street under the sun

Everyone knows a little grandma with a gorgeous complexion who "never put anything on her face." But it was without the presence of the pollution that has invaded our lives: pesticides, various gases, cigarette smoke and chemicals. They are called persistent organic pollutants: POPs.

Insofar as we cannot all migrate to the countryside , where the pollution is less strong, it is imperative to draw up a small shield of defenses to protect our skin.

It is necessary, above all, to favor non-toxic cosmetics. At Saeve, we have chosen to bring you the best. 0% silicones, 0% parabens, 0% sodium laureth sulfate, 0% phenoxyethanol, 0% PEG, 0% mineral oils. Our treatments are made in France and contain an average of 92% ingredients of natural origin. Because our shield is magical, we want it vegetable, natural and without toxicity for the organism.

Our IMMUNOX® patent is the first anti-pollution rampart for your skin. It is formulated from fresh organic Birch Sap and the venerable and immortal organic Chaga mushroom. The natural defenses are thus nourished and boosted.

We go further with Dandelion…

From this Sunny Dandelion, we decided to make the most of it to help you fight against the harmful effects of pollution.

Our Detox Officinale range contains a titrated Dandelion extract . In herbal medicine, this galenic meets very strict specifications. It certifies the purity, concentration and stability of the active ingredients.

Our Dandelion extract is rich in fructans. It is the last magic compound of this gifted plant. Fructans are part of the inulin family. It is the soluble fibers of the plant that ensure its energy reserves.

These have a natural prebiotic action . They allow the flora that receives them to remain in good balance. The fructans of the titrated Dandelion extract inhibit the oxidative reactions of the skin and therefore limit the impact of pollution on the latter.

Thus, Dandelion significantly reduced skin inflammation and acted as a cellular antioxidant . The complexion is thus rid of pollution. Freed, the skin sobers up to display a new radiance and a regular and refined skin texture.

The Detox Officinale range is available in 5 simple treatments that allow you to enjoy the benefits of Dandelion for a natural beauty ritual routine:

A Detox Micellar Water in 500 ml to dislodge toxic pollutants from your face , at the same time as make-up .

• An Antioxidant Detox Shield Botanical Serum to scavenge free radicals in depth. Radiance boost guaranteed from the first use.

• A Multi-Defense Detox Day Cream with an SPF30 . Even if it means knocking out toxins, let's also protect our skin from UV radiation.

• A Regenerating Detox Night Cream with a reassuring scent. It supports the skin in its daytime cell renewal phase.

• An Intense Detox Mask to deeply depollute our urban mermaid skin . It is used twice a week and applied directly to dry skin .

Saeve dandelion detox range

And all this for what, you will tell us? Well to preserve your youth capital. Because skin with cells protected from pollution is skin with healthy cells whose beauty DNA remains unscathed.

Because the later we eat the dandelions by the root, the better..

The T[æ]m

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