Where do you find good anti-oxidants for the skin in winter?

Where do you find good anti-oxidants for the skin in Winter? S[æ]ve

Vitamins, trace elements, minerals, amino acids…

Here we are lost in the jungle of micronutrition and its small molecules that are so beneficial… Some of these molecules are antioxidants, they will act on the damage caused by free radicals and the effects of cell ageing.
Excellent for the vitality and youthfulness of the skin, we have put plenty of them in our skincare products and in particular in our Immunox® patent!

But then, what are the foods that have the ability to make us visibly younger in Winter?

Antioxidant foods, what are they good for?

The body has a natural biological ability to detoxify itself . This is one of its main functions.

The Liver is the cleansing organ par excellence. It cleans toxins and toxins from the body. It proceeds in two phases:

  • First, it captures toxins, it then transforms them into free radicals by an enzymatic process, and does so in particular thanks to the Holy Vitamin C!
  • Second, free radicals are inactivated thanks to many essential nutrients and antioxidants.

You therefore understand their importance on the body and necessarily on the skin. What we have just described is called detoxification. It will be coupled with elimination through organs such as the kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin.

Vitamin C, Pure Paradisi, Saeve

Vitamin C and its super antioxidant power

We tell you. We repeat it to you. We're constantly bugging you with that. Eat raw vegetables and fruits every day if your intestines and stomach tolerate them well.

As explained above, Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the whole process of eliminating toxins and toxic substances. It is also known for the regeneration and healing of the skin, since it participates in the synthesis of collagen!

In winter, it is obviously found in all the good citrus fruits available until March and which will allow you to fill up on antioxidants. Lemon, tangerine, grapefruit , clementine … We, at Saeve, have a big weakness for the energizing blood oranges that we find in our Tonus Citrus botanical body treatments, the pink grapefruits present in the treatments of our Pur Paradisi purifying range.

There are also antioxidants in cabbage: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts. On the other hand, as vitamin C does not support heat, prefer to eat them raw or lightly steamed. Thus, you will retain all the benefits.

Know that we have included gentle and skin-absorbable Vitamin C in our Perfect Pisum anti-dark spot botanical radiance range.


What about other antioxidants?

Don't panic, it's very simple. Just choose the color in the plate. Natural color, on the other hand, huh… Tomato sauce in a tube doesn't count. Instead, favor the color of pretty vegetables and splendid fruits.

Saeve anti-oxidant vegetables

Beta-carotene is a precursor of Vitamin A, called retinol in its active form. This molecule is an essential antioxidant that must be included in your plate. It is present in yellow-orange and dark green vegetables. It is the waltz of carrots , squash and spinach , which then begins for you.

And then there is the large family of polyphenols . Known as flavonoids, isoflavones, anthocyanins, phenolic acids, resveratrol or curcurmin, these competitive micronutrients all come from plants, from turnips , pink radishes, cocoa or spices . In winter, it is found in beets that you can cook yourself. A real treat !

In addition to their sulfur compounds also entering the liver support processes, leeks, onions, garlic or black radishes are rich in flavonoids.

Saeve anti-oxidant vegetables


And our little mushrooms then?

You know that we love organic Chaga , this magical medicinal mushroom, extracts of which are found in our cosmetic treatments, especially when combined with fresh organic Birch Sap.

Well, all mushrooms also contain antioxidant polyphenols. Recently, researchers have discovered ergothioneine (1) , another powerful antioxidant. So even if the morel season does not start until March, you can go for the consumption of dehydrated mushrooms and winter oyster mushrooms in the meantime.


Saeve natural products

And Saeve in all this?

Aware of the importance of antioxidants in preserving the youthfulness of the skin by fighting against spots, natural oxidative stress, but also pollution, the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity, we have decided to include them in all our cosmetic care formulas. Because yes , supplementing a diet rich in antioxidants by applying cosmetic treatments that contain them intensifies the benefits of the active ingredients, for more visible results!

In our real botanical nuggets, our Immunox Patent combines the action of organic Chaga and organic Birch Sap. Thus, it acts on the three stages of the skin: it repairs more than 48% of mitochondrial DNA (its past), it blocks 90% of free radicals to protect the skin (its present) and, finally, it stimulates the skin's immune defenses (its future). Each range supplements our patent with one or more active ingredients to adapt to a specific skin benefit. Our Pur Paradisi purifying and anti-blemish range is formulated with Grapefruit and Mandarin nobiletine. For our Detox Officinale treatments, we used Dandelion phytosterols and Apple phloretin, the magic recipe for an anti-pollution routine. The Perfect Pisum radiance and anti-dark spot range is rich in gentle Vitamin C, but also in oxyresveratrol and lutein, two active ingredients extracted fromPeas . Our anti-aging care routine is formulated around an extract of Maritime Pine titrated in polyphenols, which are associated with other flavonoids to fight against the oxidation of sebum. Finally, the flagship ingredient of our Hydra Malva range is Mallow , because it is full of flavonoids with multiple benefits.

The good health of your body depends on your diet and what you bring to your body. The same goes for your skin.

Saeve products

Rest assured that Saeve ensures that your skin is well nourished.

The T[æ]m

(1) Michael D.Kalarasa, John P.Richie, Ana Calcagnotto, Robert B.Beelmana - Mushrooms: A rich source of the antioxidants ergothioneine and glutathione – Apr 2017.

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