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Anti-Blemish Food Supplements

More and more of you are sensitive to the natural and to a global approach to your health. Blemishes and acne obviously deserve to be accompanied with the same attention. At Saeve, that's good, we have the same vision as you.

Here are our new specific food supplements for acne and skin with imperfections: our Pur Paradisi Gummies .

Because we agree that acne can only be properly treated with comprehensive action. Good lifestyle habits are essential. Local treatments are also essential: meticulous daily cleaning, specific serums, precise active ingredients, etc.

But let's go even further in the natural support of acne by working on the microbiota. We now know that the balance of the microbiota affects the beauty of the skin. It would therefore be unthinkable not to take this data into consideration.

Our anti-imperfection gummies are therefore the combination of several natural ingredients such as micro-organisms, titrated plant active ingredients and an essential trace element to treat imperfections, eliminate redness, repair the skin and finally allow you to regain healthy skin.

We invite you today to discover our Pur Paradisi Gummies .


Skin, the winning In & Out combo

At Saeve, we approach maintaining skin integrity from all angles. We don't really want you to believe that just applying a cream is enough to solve all your problems.

For example, if you use serums to limit wrinkles and you are exposed to the sun for 24 hours, the cream will not be enough to fight against the effects of exposure.

Thus, we spend a lot of time on this site to give you multiple tips to adopt good reflexes for your skin. And since we've been doing it for more than 3 years, we encourage you to discover our tips after reading this post. Know that among our editors is a naturopath and that we are all sensitive and trained in a natural approach to well-being.

In addition, we have decided to offer fresh Organic Birch Sap in a bottle. Indeed, Pauline's wish has always been to go beyond skincare when the time comes. In 2020, she was finally able to offer bottled Birch Sap for internal cures. Find all the information in this post .

To be practiced twice a year , the Birch Sap cure is the extra IN gesture that is good for the body and by extension for the skin in OUT mode.



Imperfections and microbiota, the cause of the problem

For the imperfections, we decided to push the expertise. We receive a lot of messages telling us that the Pur Paradisi range works miracles. You notice marked improvements, even total disappearances of acne problems. We read your feedback with a smile and it feels so good.

For others, it is not yet optimal. And then some would also like the process of eliminating impurities to go faster.

So, it was imperative to touch one of the major causes of acne and imperfections, the intestinal microbiota.

Several dietary habits contribute to its weakening such as excess sugars, bad fats, dairy products... There are also drugs, tobacco or alcohol, pesticides or atmospheric disruptors. Stress, anxiety, disordered sleep obviously have an impact on his integrity. In women, hormonal variations - pregnancy, menopause, contraception - can cause a microbiotic imbalance.

The body is a whole and the microbiota is a major constituent. When bacterial harmony loses its symbiosis, it is called dysbiosis . There are then several types of inconvenience on the body. For example, we will have trouble digesting, possibly falling a little sicker. And above all, we can see a lot of pimples and imperfections appear on the face.

The microbiota is made up of several families of bacteria. They rub shoulders on good terms. Sometimes a family will become opportunistic and also create a specific dysbiosis.

This is why the particularity of our food supplements for skin with imperfections will reside in the presence of 4 complementary micro-strains : Lactobacillus Casei , Lactobacillus Acidophilus , Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Streptococcus Thermophilus .

These micro-organisms promote the correct balance of the microbiota with a direct impact on acne.



Our Gummies for Blemishes

Oily Skin Food Supplements

Obviously, nutribiotics are not the only constituents of our Anti-Blemish Food Supplements .

We are fortunate to work with many ingredients for our skincare. Most plants have been used for many years for their internal medicinal properties.

Unsurprisingly, our Gummies therefore contain a dry extract of organic Birch leaf titrated for its antioxidant functions , but also for its soothing action on inflammation.

The Birch is accompanied by its friend the organic Chaga in concentrated extract . Internally, it provides as many good nutrients as when applied topically: phenols, minerals and trace elements essential for the proper functioning of the skin.

Obviously, if it's Pur Paradisi , a titrated Grapefruit extract has been integrated into the composition. It is antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

And here are two medicinal stars of French gardens: Burdock and Nettle . The first is known to drain the skin , allowing it to eliminate impurities. The second is recognized for its depurative, diuretic and detoxifying functions .

Finally, our food supplements contain Zinc citrate . It is a molecular form that facilitates its absorption. Zinc is the essential trace element of the skin. We can't imagine doing without him. It will help healing , will play on the maintenance of clean skin by its antiseptic functions. Zinc is also an exceptional antioxidant that supports immune functions. It is complementary to probiotics. Anti-blemish supplement ingredients

How to use our Gummies?

First of all, our Gummies are vegan . We open the field of possibilities to each of you.

Their little taste of natural grapefruit aroma gives pleasure to the appetizer. However, be aware that our Anti-Blemish Food Supplements are dye-free.

We have favored French manufacturing for greater clarity, particularly with regard to the sugars used. Our Gummies contain 30% less sugar compared to other products on the market and their coating is made from natural fruit pectin. 1 gummie has only 9 calories .

Each bottle contains 60 gummies for 30 days of treatment . It is recommended to continue taking it for 3 months so that the probiotics can modulate the microbiota. However, the effects will already be visible before the end of the cure thanks to the multiple ingredients present in the Gummies.

  • In 1 month , the skin eliminates a large number of impurities, traces subside and begin to regenerate.
  • In 2 months , the intestinal and cutaneous microbiota are strengthened and redness and painful comedones are reduced.
  • After 3 months , the skin is clearer and visibly more beautiful.

Want to activate your results? We invite you to also treat your imperfections locally.

If you haven't already, we invite you to try the Botanical Purifying Anti-Blemish Serum and the Botanical Purifying Fluid . These two treatments also contain extracts of organic Birch, organic Chaga, Grapefruit and Zinc salts.


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