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Psiiitttt… The Saeve squad shares its big favorites with you to help you take care of your skin and make your daily life more pleasant. These "working girls", some of whom have left their sweet countryside to become real city dwellers, each have a little secret to reveal to you, to keep your skin healthy And it's just for you!

Monica's Detox Moment

" Living in Paris, my daily life is not easy, neither for me nor for my skin! I feel constantly suffocated by pollution, my skin feels tight and my complexion is often dull. Every week, after my running session, I make myself a ginger-lemon detox infusion (beneficial for the body and more delicious) and I lock myself in my bathroom for 1 hour of home spa, it's really my detox moment!

In particular, I give my skin a boost with the Intense Detoxifying Mask , my favorite. In barely 10 minutes, my skin is rid of all the impurities accumulated during the day… it's a real breath of fresh air! My complexion is radiant and my skin revitalized. As for me, I am 200% ready to face the next day! »

Monica from the market or the one who develops your products and application advice, but her advice is not brainwashing, it's detox!
If, like Monica, you are looking to counteract the effects of pollution on your skin, turn to the treatments in our Detox Officinale range . Formulated around our Immunox ® Patent , which it combines with a Dandelion extract titrated in fructans , it offers many depolluting and antioxidant properties to fight against the harmful effects of free radicals (pollution, UV rays , cigarette smoke, and all other external aggressions creating oxidative stress for your skin cells .

Intense detox mask

Lucie's anti-thirst remedy

"In my case, my skin feels tight in winter and summer, it's even worse in the heat!" I have the impression that my skin is always asking for more water! So, before my moisturizer, I apply a few drops of Soothing 24-Hour Hydrating Botanical Serum on my skin. It has become my little favourite! I even use it at night after thoroughly cleansing my skin. It immediately soothes my skin and I feel plumped up and brighter.

As for the body, I hydrate it with the Relaxing 24-Hour Moisturizing Milk from the Relax Rheum range, with Rhurbarb… A pure moment of softness! Its texture and fragrance are just chewable, and my skin regains all the comfort it needs. On top of that, I don't hesitate to drink 1.5L of water a day (and easily 2L when I play sports or during the high summer heat)! My little trick is to force myself to drink during meals because during the day I don't always think about it!

Digital Lucie or the one who knows social res[eau]x like the back of her hand, but who never has her head under water.

If, like Lucie, your skin needs to be intensely hydrated , then turn to our Hydra Malva ranges for your pretty face and our Relax Rheum body range .

Our treatments from the Hydra Malva range combine our Immunox® patent with a Mallow extract titrated in mucilage to deeply moisturize and soothe the skin. Mallow is also known for its emollient properties. Your skin is bursting with radiance and regains all its freshness.

Our Relax Rheum body range has been formulated from Rhubarb extract coupled with fresh Organic Birch Sap, to quench thirsty skin. The treatments intensely nourish and soothe feelings of tightness. A real moment of relaxation for your body! And as a bonus, enjoy its cocooning fragrance!

Saeve Body Relax Rheum Range

Hélène's makeover

Eternal youth? If I believe it? 😊 No. But I found a way to firm my skin and especially to reduce all those little wrinkles that taunt me in front of my mirror.

I started to apply morning and evening the Botanical Lift Pinaster Serum on my skin and after 2 or 3 weeks I noticed that the effects of time had faded. This serum is ultra-effective! In addition to firming and smoothing my skin, it hydrates it.

To keep in shape, I do a lot of sport. I have always been a classical dance fan. My little advice if you don't do sports: every day get off 2 metro/bus stations earlier on the way to the office and walk. When the weather is nice, take the bike. You will see your city from another angle 😊 If you don't live in town, take the opportunity to garden or take walks in our beautiful nature. Come on, you can do it! »

Hélène of the studio or the one who manages the images with a master hand and in life, it is the dancer who sends the wrinkles flying!

If, like Hélène, you want to firm your skin, then our range Lift Pinaster is made for you! By combining our Immunox® patent with an extract of Maritime Pine titrated in stabilized OPCs (powerful polyphenols), our anti-aging range helps you fight the signs of time on your skin. Your wrinkles are smoothed, your skin is firmed and redensified, it regains the rebound of its youth.

Pinaster Saeve Anti-Aging Lift Serum

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