The Birch Sap harvest is now!

At Sæve, sap is sacred!

And it is every year, during the first 3 weeks of the ascending moon of Mars, that the sap is harvested, when its mineral content is the highest. The extraction is done in the traditional way by light excision of the tree. The harvester can extract 3 to 5 liters of fresh sap without any damage to the tree, which can produce more than 150 liters per day.
This nectar with a thousand virtues is used in our cosmetics and as a cure. Our drinkable vegetable treatment is harvested in our French forests, certified organic farming and is 100% natural. Birch Sap is recognized for its moisturizing and antioxidant benefits on the skin, but also for its incredible virtues on the body when consumed.

His secret?

It acts on all the emunctories of the body which are the organs of detoxification (lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys and skin) by driving out their toxins, and gives a boost to the body thanks to its content of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. And, unlike other "Detox" cures, it does not leave you "flat" but gives you energy thanks to its remineralising action .

Absolute Well-Being Cure

3 bottles of Organic Birch Sap

1/2 glass on an empty stomach every morning for 3 weeks.

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