Story of an immortality...

Delphine was certainly the first Saeve consumer to write to us, and not just any message! She was enthusiastic, spontaneous, passionate, a real pleasure to read. And above all, naturopath, with a great knowledge of the secrets of plants and a healthy lifestyle, and a great knowledge of Chaga! It is only natural that we asked him to tell us, with his beautiful pen, all the benefits of this (super)natural mushroom!

winter birch forest

Once upon a time...

... in the woods of the cold countries of the northern hemisphere, a strange disturbing and quirky shape.

All hardened, black and improbable, the latter contains among the most beautiful treasures of this world. From time to time, continents and peoples, Europeans, Eurasians, Americans or Japanese Ainu, it has been called in turn "Gift of Nature", "King of plants", "Gift of God" or "Diamond of the Forest" .

In his boorish flesh hides a rusty, spongy, soft marrow with a thousand virtues. She clings with all her strength to the bark of birches, noble trees hardened by hostile and humid atmospheres. It is said to sustain and heal the wounds of its host, springing to life with its nurturing spring sap.

This form is the work of patience. It can take 10 years to reach its fullness, and it is at this age that it is most full of life. There she is, struggling in the cold and in the extreme conditions of dense forests, without light and with her roots in the peat. This pulp is full of minerals. It contains an ultimate concentration of vitamin B5, known to give resistance to the skin. What to heal the lesions of the glacial crevices of its welcoming. It will help it heal and decongest.

Chaga on a birch trunk

In this dense and tight mist...

... this mysterious aggregate is able to survive without difficulty, blocking external aggressions and fighting against pathogenic intruders. It energizes the tree, thanks to its beta-glucans. Molecules of complex sugars, present on the membranes of the immune cells of all living organisms, they stimulate their activity. Our tree remains robust, upright and proud.

This wild rind is full of polyphenols, antioxidants par excellence. They fight against pollution and the oxidizing effects of time . They hunt by the same all that would have penetrated the heart of the tree by mistake. Our host is handsome. He never gets old.

This mass is mysterious. Almost naughty. Like a charred piece of wood, it stands out from the marmoreal heaviness of snow, which covers the birch groves in the most icy season.

Imagine it. There. Hearing the cry of birds of prey and the breath of bears...

Organic Pure Chaga

Its official name is…

... Inonotus obliquus . This is Chaga, a formidable and flagship compound of Saeve products. And luckily, it also populates our forests in Auvergne...

Used in the long run, Chaga relieves imbalances related to inflammation. It allows tissue regeneration such as the skin and soothes joint, bone and digestive pain. It has immunostimulating properties, especially on the skin barrier. It participates in a better detoxification of the organism. It is nutritious by its composition of minerals, flavonoids, phenolic compounds and enzymes. Be careful, however, not to consume it orally, if you are treated with anticoagulants.

This enigmatic variety is finally aptly named "Mushroom of Immortality" . Rich be Nature for giving us so many benefits.

Delphine Baratier Naturopath

Many thanks to Delphine Baratier, Naturopath and Writer for the Campag'Naturo blog.

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