How to take care of your dry skin in the fall?

Dry skin in the fall

Wrinkle alert! Wrinkle alert! It seems that the summer tan tends to fade to reveal fine lines, imperfections and open pores. And then it shoots. The corner of the eyes is very dry. It even tingles.

Well, it looks like you're going through nothing more than a good phase of skin dehydration . As long as you haven't creamed enough when you come back from your summer vacation, it's the desert of the epidermis guaranteed.

It's high time to raise the bar before fall pillories you to lifeless skin. You must take care of your skin as quickly as possible with suitable products.

Bring soft and comfy. Bringing appeasement must become your ultimate leitmotif this season. Autumn offers us the possibility of switching to a very warm slow mode. It's time to do the same with your skin.

We present here our specific range for dehydrated and dry skin : Hydra Malva . We explain to you why it is so effective. And above all, we give you a magic routine to take care of your skin and see results quickly.

1 – Hydra Malva to help you recharge your batteries

Hydra Malva is the Saeve range for dehydrated and dry skin . In this post, we explain how to distinguish between these two types of skin.

Either way, whether your skin is temporarily or chronically dehydrated, Hydra Malva will suit you.

Its first secret lies in the fact that we have chosen to incorporate a magic ingredient: Mallow extracts titrated in mucilage . When we pick up wet Mallow flowers, we notice that they tend to stick a little to the finger. This is because they contain these famous agents capable of capturing water to create a natural gel.

The effects of this mucilage lie in bringing sweetness. Mallow flowers are said to be emollient . That is to say, they help soften and soothe the redness and itching induced by the tightness of dehydration.

  • You will therefore find it in all our products in the range, from creams to our Soothing 24h Hydrating Botanical Serum . This serum is one of our bestsellers because it really brings comfort. This is precisely what your skin needs as fall begins.

    In addition, in the products of the Hydra Malva range, there is also pure hyaluronic acid of vegetable origin in molecular form allowing hydration on the surface but also in the deep layers of the epidermis. Hydra Malva therefore provides intense hydration and reduces the appearance of dehydration lines and the feeling that the skin is deformed. You will regain your shape thanks to a plumping effect.

Hydrating serum for dry skin

2 – The morning routine for dehydrated skin

In order to counter the effects of dehydration or even to avoid them before they arrive, we suggest the following routine.

It will therefore be imperative to hydrate intensely in general. Autumn sometimes takes a long time to set in. But we quickly feel the freshness of the temperatures and the intensification of the wind. Sooner or later, the drought effect of heating will be inevitable.

In order to take care of your skin, be sure to cream yourself in the morning.

To do this, we offer you the perfect combo between the Botanical Serum mentioned above and the Soothing Thirst-Quenching Cream . Never leave your home without having taken the trouble to hydrate yourself during this period.

In addition, this gesture will allow you to magnify your makeup . When the skin is poorly replenished, it may tend to “drink up” makeup out of spite. As a result, your makeup betrays even more the small fine lines of dehydration. The make-up may even tend to become "khaki" and the colors turn.

Specific focus on dark circles, where the streaks of the skin are even more marked when the skin is dry and especially when making up. Many women complain that concealer concealers accentuate fine lines. So remember to moisturize your eye contour with the Smoothing Eye Cream . Indeed, this type of product must have a special texture: not too heavy and effective enough to plump the hollow of the ring.

3 – The evening routine for giving something to drink

Saeve care routine for dry skin

In the evening, it is imperative to remove make-up and without delay. The closer you apply your care to bedtime, the more likely it is that your pillow will benefit. When you apply your skincare routine too late, your skin doesn't have time to fully absorb the product.

So take off your make-up as soon as you get home. Of course, do it with gentle, surfactant-free products such as our Hydra Malva Cleansing Gel Make-up Remover . This gel is kind to your skin. It effectively removes impurities, make-up and traces of pollution without irritating and soothes tight skin.

You can also start your make-up removal with the Comfort Make-up Remover Milk to remove the greasy elements of your make-up without having to rub too much. The kinder you are to your skin, the more you avoid dehydration.

Finally, after applying your serum, there's nothing better than switching to a more cocooning and richer formula like the Thirst-Quenching Rich Cream . Its enveloping texture is a protective cover. It glides over the skin for delicate application. It deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin. Your redness fades. The tightness disappears and your complexion immediately looks rested.

4 – The Mask, the ultimate care gesture for dry skin

face mask for dry skin

In this range, we have designed another complementary magic to our serum.

Our Soothing Re- Hydrating Infusion Mask has the same active ingredients as the other products in the range. However, the mask allows you to bring much more effects since you leave it on for a long time and with a certain thickness.

It is the guaranteed fountain of youth. You can a fortiori decide to leave on for 10 union minutes or a whole night for extreme cutaneous emergencies. In this specific case, your skin will drink with fervor and you will only have to remove the excess. Let's bet on the fact that sometimes there is nothing left to wipe away so much the skin is happy to drink in the last drop of benefits.

This gesture can be performed 2 to 3 times a week depending on your personal degree of dehydration. Be aware, however, that there is no contraindication to applying masks several times a week.

The basic secret of beautiful skin in Autumn begins with Hydra Malva. Take care!

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