5 tips to look beautiful at Christmas

5 tips to look beautiful at Christmas

The Christmas season is in full swing. In December, a multitude of traditions are offered to us. Baking cookies, having fun with the children, watching magical films, imagining holiday meals, decorating the tree... So many magical moments.

Except that Life goes on and that the cold and the darkness play on our nerves and fatigue.

Don't Panic!

Here are 5 tips from savvy women. Tested and approved, they will allow you to arrive at Christmas Eve without looking confused.

Sleep, my love...

1 – Sleep, my love…

At this time of year, we can be sorely lacking in rest, even though the body is crying out for it. Your challenge is to optimize your sleep. Schedule two or three nights a week when you go to bed early.

Remember that the skin regenerates at night. So off to bed!


2 – Optimized plate!

Even if jam shortbread is yours, keep the plate content structured. We suggest that you continue to eat vegetables during meals, raw and cooked. Pay attention to the quantities, especially if you treat yourself to Christmas extras.

Your liver will thank you and your complexion too.


make-up removal

3 – No more makeup…

In winter, we enjoy making up. However, our skin breathes badly under our foundations and face masks. Be sure to remove your make-up with the utmost care and take weekend breaks.

You are just as pretty naturally.

Essence F90 Perfect Pisum radiance activator

4 – Hop hop hop, fresh complexion!

We know that you think you are “crazy”. Your summer tan is already well worn. First gesture with quickly guaranteed effects, our Radiance Activating Essence F90, bursting with fantastic probiotics. 4 drops morning and evening and here we go again.

Also consider our Pur Paradisi Purifying Perfecting Care Lotion . Thanks to its titrated Grapefruit extracts, it refines skin texture, tightens pores and evens out the complexion.

Fresh and beautiful for Christmas.

Essence F90 Perfect Pisum radiance activator

Thirst Quenching Rich Cream

5 – To drink please…

We can never repeat it enough, moisturize your skin. Whatever happens, that's the basics. We tell you again. Give your face a drink every day. All our creams and fluids have been designed to be applied easily, without leaving a greasy film, with maximum pleasure. Take our Hydra Malva Thirst Quenching Rich Cream , with active ingredients from Mallow, it is melting and comforting.

Be diligent now and you will be the prettiest Miss Christmas on Earth.

Dear Santa, S[æ]ve Their Beautiful Skins

Excellent end of year celebrations.

The T[æ]m

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